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Texture Pack! - Measuring - 12-26-2012

Texture Pack!
I made a few textures that I didnt have much use for so I decided to upload them here for everyone to enjoy!
If you decide to use any of the textures, just give me some credit and i'll be grateful Smile
All of them are ready to use in Amnesia, Diffuse maps, Normal maps, Specular maps and some height maps. Material files have also been made.

[Image: 2ltq39k.jpg]

RE: Texture Pack! - jssjr90 - 12-26-2012

These look relay great! These will be great to use in my mod. Credit you and solute you!

RE: Texture Pack! - Traggey - 12-27-2012

Someone's been having fun with Crazybump I see~

RE: Texture Pack! - ferryadams10 - 01-11-2013

(12-27-2012, 01:43 PM)Traggey Wrote: Someone's been having fun with Crazybump I see~

Haha true story, these come straight out of google images.

RE: Texture Pack! - Statyk - 01-11-2013

Is any credit given to the original creator(s) of these textures?

RE: Texture Pack! - Measuring - 01-12-2013

The metal textures are entierly made by me. The stone ones are taken from CG Textures, and I modified them and created normal maps and specular maps.

RE: Texture Pack! - Statyk - 01-12-2013

Jolly good show =P