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RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - eliasfrost - 12-29-2012

Chill down, just like Bridge said I was illustrating my point by listing those games (which are basicly reimaginations of early titles, almost every single one of them). I didn't have the goal to derail this thread, I wanted to let people know that what we remember and what we loved with older games are still part of the new generation of game development, it's just that a lot of those games are overlooked by CoD, Skyrim and other mainstream titles that kinda steals the spotlight.

I think it's perfectly sensible to debate old vs new, especially in a civilized manner which we haven't strayed from, yet. Just listing our good old games and nothing more would be really boring you know, we want some action, a little ignition, share our thoughts and opinions, like the rest of the forums, Aye?


RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - str4wberrypanic - 12-29-2012


RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 12-29-2012

i accept full responsiblity for sending this thread off topic, sorry about that. also, chrisos, 2006 is fine, if you go back to 2002, we loose any chance to talk about some of the last Hurrahs for Mainstream hardcore gaming, games such as Prey (2006), Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne (2004), Timesplitters Future Perfect (2005), etc.

you know, ive come to a realisation recently, although i prefer the more objective based gameplay of games from the 98-'06 period, i prefer the music in earlier DOS games, old MIDI music ROCKS, fits the fast paced, "if it moves, Gib it!" gameplay perfectly. sigh, when mainstream games were actually good!

Who Else Misses soundblaster 16 cards ?

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - WALP - 12-29-2012

I think Return to castle wolfenstein and Quake 4 deserves a mention for their awesome atmosphere.
Quake4Sadintro since the trailer is kinda lame in my opinion)

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 12-29-2012

i put RTCW: Collectors Edition on my top 20 games list somewhere Smile, indeed, the Atmosphere in the game is superb, man, that level in the catacombs of Paderborn STILL gives me the creeps even now! Quake 4 had awesome atmosphere as well, but, well, i feel Quake 4 had a bit too slow pace for me compared to Quake II, the best in the series for me, dont get me wrong Q4 is good, but, RTCW and QII bury it in my personal opinion.

(please note, yes, RTCW as seen in the trailers, does have expanding crosshairs. BUT, if you set "recoil simulation" to "off" in options, they become static. just in case some of you think my love of RTCW contradicts with my issue with expanding hairs sending me upside down)

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Froge - 12-29-2012

(12-28-2012, 03:16 PM)crisosphinx Wrote:
(12-28-2012, 06:17 AM)Chronofox Wrote: III was a very fun game as well. I especially liked the difficulty of its AI (which is known to be cheating and aggressive) as well as the largely orchestrated soundtrack, with special mention towards the battle themes as well as some of the castle factions. I did feel, however, that the stories of its campaigns were vastly inferior to IV's and all boiled down to the old Life faction vs. Death faction theme. The Complete edition had some more intriguing scenarios and campaigns, specifically the battles against Sandro. I thought that his story was a lot more interesting than the original campaigns about the restoration of Erathia. Armaggedon's Blade expansion also had a very interesting campaign, Dragon Slayer, which is famed for its fucktarded difficulty.

Hell yeah, my favorite game!! Dude, Heroes III of Might and Magic: Complete Edition. I still play it. I use COG to play the game. If anyone still has it, we should set up a game day <33333

I'll kick all your asses <33333 ;3
I suppose you're a fan of Tower / Order faction, emirite?

Spoiler below!
Lol@Solmyr hero starts off with Chain Lightning

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Googolplex - 12-30-2012

I think, old games are older than 10 years.
So, please don't post games above 2003.

A game from 2005 isn't really "good old classic" in this year was the beginning of modern mainstream casual era. So, the good old classics are before 2003. I say, 10 years is old.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Kman - 12-30-2012

Because obviously you made the thread so you get to decide what the rules for posting in it are.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Bridge - 12-30-2012

This thread is fucking retarded. Instead of becoming a constructive exchange of opinions on the games the previous generation left us it has devolved into little more than pretentious name-dropping and bickering over what constitutes old. Guys, we are here to talk about good video games, are we not? Since we're not talking about fine wine or single malt scotch, age is completely irrelevant.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - eliasfrost - 12-30-2012

@Googol: Not all of us are old enough to remember pre-millenia gaming, it's only fair to let young forumites share their old gaming memory, nostalgia is relative to the player, not objectively connected to a certain year.