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RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 01-14-2013

I dont use reddit no, so i am afraid i do not get the joke, just add it to the list of post casualties due to my sense of humour failure.

well, at least they have a good taste in games, i will give them that!

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Heurell Horribillis - 01-14-2013

(01-14-2013, 07:46 PM)crisosphinx Wrote: Go for Diablo 1 & 2 Heurell! Those were epic games! Truly amazing games, leading innovation to that style, at least, I think it did for those 3/4-top-down games.


@the dark side: I'm a Halo fan. It was innovative, and it is not Bungie's fault that other companies copied it.

In terms of art style, though, Half-Life is/was grittier and more believable.
We mentioned HL before, right?

(Halo 4, however, was a fair disappointment, I would agree)

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 01-14-2013

Innovative in the wrong way i am afraid in my opinion, and it is bungies fault, they aimed at new, casual gamers, instead of an established audience, they sold out, and in turn, the whole games industry sold out looking for the fast buck american soccor jocks gave, destroying gaming for 2 whole generations, actually, its microsofts fault for greenlighting such a ridiculously casual game. me, id have fired bungie on the spot for not having the competance to deliver a "proper" game. but thats my own personall opinion on the game, i hate it and everything it stands for, casual gaming.

yes, half life has been mentioned before many times, and so it should be, being possibly the greatest videogame ever made.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Heurell Horribillis - 01-14-2013

Well, I thought Halo had a decent story and more than decent characters.
More, though, in general, in the novels than the game.

I won't change my opinion, but I do understand yours.
I don't think it was a 'casual' game, though. It was incredibly hard, in places.

The rainbow-spectrum armour of the Sangheili and Unggoy was a bit (a lot) odd (silly), though, looking back on it.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 01-14-2013

the Novels Based on Halo are fine, in fact i think they work far better as novels than as games, its the same with Call Of Duty, i HATE it as a game, WORST franchise in history, words cannot describe how much i loathe and despise it! but by thunder, i think it would be friggen awesome as a movie, basically, i think it, like Halo, is in the wrong media.

i think my issues with Halo are because, to me, as much as i enjoy games having a story, gameplay comes first, you can have the best charachters, world, and story in the history of gaming, but if your gameplay is bad, all that story is worth the square root of diddly squat, i quess it comes with growing up in the days when gameplay was all games had, as story was limited to about 2 pages of text and a static drawing of the hero after each "chapter", and to me, Halo has Bad Gameplay..

dont worry im not asking anyone to change there opinion, a few months ago i may have, but, im trying to be a bit less Arsey these days, im just trying to show why i cant see what they see in some games, doubtless they cannot understand what i see in some of my faviourites.

i have already stated on another thread why i think halo is a casual game, and i will only repeat if asked, in the mean time, i shall post a video showing how i think a console FPS should be. No Regenerating sheilds, or worse, regenerating health (Halo 2 onwards, first introduced to gaming, i think, in COD 2), no on screen controll hints, no gun limit, no ADS (except for sniper scopes) or expanding crosshairs, no waypoint guide, no squads, No Bee-Ess. and one heck of a sence of humour! similar to how i think a PC FPS game should be, but, a little bit more accessible for teens.

yes, i know Timesplitters FP is short, quite corridorised, and rather easy (and with a checkpoint system, i HATE checkpoint systems), but HEY! what do you expect from, urgh, EA? or a console game for that matter.. but for a console FPS, its got its gameplay mechanics 100% correct, its a ton of fun, and well, its perhaps the LAST proper FPS to be launched on Console. if only it was longer, harder, and had better level design,, still its a solid 8/10 from me.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Heurell Horribillis - 01-14-2013

[Image: download.jpg]

Which is also having a 2013 reboot, I discovered while searching for this image.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - RawkBandMan - 01-15-2013

1. Half-Life (Includes expansions AND Counter-Strike)
2. Super Mario 64
3. Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 (Hated 2 with a passion)
4. Super Mario World
5. Sonic The Hedgehog 1-3
6. Sonic Adventure series
7. Legend of Zelda series (pretty much every game released up until 2006)
8. Battletoads (on SNES, can't remember the exact game)

And that's all I can think of at the moment, though there are probably much more

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - crisosphinx - 02-14-2013

Pong was great. It had an epic storyline.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - PutraenusAlivius - 02-14-2013

Silent Hill. Nomero 1, 2, 3 and 4.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Adrianis - 02-14-2013

System Shock 2 is getting released on Good Old Games, in case anyone didn't know and/or hasn't played it. Turns out that's an Old Game and it Freakin' Rocks. This thread should henceforth be suspended until everyone has played it, and can therefore bask in It's Glory Tongue /elitism