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RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - crisosphinx - 12-27-2012

I was never a huge fan of LucasArts. I will say Battlefront 1 and 2 were really fun though.

Since I'm back, here's another set of games I love:

-Serious Sam 1 & 2

I have Deus Ex, entire series bought on steam, but I haven't played them yet. So I'm going to say I love it, but I have no reasons to back that up yet.

-Elder Scrolls (entire series, though I do get bored of them very quickly)
-Heroes 3, 4 and 5 of Might and Magic: Complete Edition
-Settlers 3, 4, and 7 (OH GOD SETTLERS 3 IS MY FAVORITE RTS EVER <3333 )
-I enjoyed Dead Space 1
-James Bond series (even the ones that were annoying), ending with Nightfire (for PS2). Yes 64 versions were included, ps1 and ps2 as well, never had a gamecube.
-Sonic adventures 1&2 for Sega Gamegear,
-Silent Hill (I haven't yet played 1,2,3 but I know I love them, Origins was the only one I've played through completely and I found it fun for a first timer).
-Resident Evil 1 (only)
-Tekken 1 and 2
-Mortal Kombat 1 (I enjoyed it, didn't own it, but it wasn't my favorite)
-Turok for Gameboy (old brick gameboy)
-Marbles (Sega Gamegear)
-Warlords III: Battlecry
-Freelancer and Starlancer (PC space games)
-Freespace (I hated the controls, but, eh)
-Warcraft 1 and 2
-Heliattack (old pc game that is completely obsolete)
-Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna


Dark, I love shooters as well. I think what we learned is that we can relate to each other. Wink All of us. Binding of Isaac is a very hard, but silly game. Dungeon crawling, powerups, 2D, shooting tears at enemies and killing them. It's like Zelda but very different. I still think you'll like it. Smile

Statyk, some 2D games are amazing. The original Doom series is kind of a 2D game in three dimensions. The good part about it is that there is perspective, you don't have to aim up and down, but the bad part is the music isn't badass like in Doom 3. Doom 1 & 2 are puzzle games though. Doom 3 is a jumpscare-closet shooter. Still good though.

I enjoy games that involve puzzles, involve thinking. Obviously, we who have responded to this thread actually enjoy puzzles.

In new games, believe it or not (FF13 for example), there are little to no puzzles. I think that is more appalling than any crappy story or game mechanics.

Personally, I love game mechanics, jumping, crouching, running, sprinting, sliding, picking up items, etc. I hate games where the mechanics are little to none- FF13 and 13-2 for example (I just feel like picking on the Final Fantasy francihse tonight). If I sit and play a game, I want to be entertained by the voice acting, the gameplay, the music, the adventure. If a game is linear and has been for the past couple games or series of games (FF10 to FF13-2 OR hell, even COD/MW), then the game is boring. Added to that is an annoying fan-base.

Now I'm not right in saying any of this, I'm just saying, that's what I look for.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Acies - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 01:20 AM)Bridge Wrote: As much as I appreciate Neverwinter Nights' faithfulness to the pen-and-paper D&D game mechanics and the great story/music/gameplay/everything, I hate the interface. It feels more like using an editor, with the dialogue being nothing more than a pop-up (probably the worst dialogue system in an RPG) and the camera system oddly distanced from the gameplay most of the time. It just rubs me the wrong way and I wish it had a more traditional third person or semi-isometric camera system and a more involving dialogue scheme.

Also, and this is much more minor, I don't really feel the player needs to know what the game is doing when it's loading. All these modules when you go to different areas, it really brings you out of the game in my opinion. Anyway, NWN is one of the more moddable games out there so most of my complaints are fixable, but I prefer to experience stuff the way it was intended, absolutely unadultered, before I install mods.
The camera system didn't disturb me that much. I remember that the game had its flaws, but it was so long ago that I played it. The thing I remember really liking was the customizability(?) of the character you created. So many choices!

I remember stepping away from the roleplaying part of it, playing on a pvp multiplayer server. You would basically "cheat" a character to maximum level and create gear for it using the level editor. The server restricted use of certain stats which would make you "immortal" or "overpowered". Anyway, the end result was probably the funniest pvp rpg I've ever had! Constantly pondering builds and tactics, familiarity with the users and a sort of reputation once you started winnning against more seasoned players.

aah... sweet nostalgia.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Your Computer - 12-27-2012

Intelligent Qube.
Harvest Moon.
The Next Tetris.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Adny - 12-27-2012

Mother/Earthbound series is best series. das a fak.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - eliasfrost - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 01:44 AM)Your Computer Wrote: Intelligent Qube.

Reminds me of epic music for a not so epic game.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Danny Boy - 12-27-2012

How dare you Humans not include the Masterpiece that are the Homeword series?! You should all be ashamed of yourselfs!

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Froge - 12-27-2012

2006 is old?

u gais r 2 meinstrem

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - crisosphinx - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 03:57 AM)Danny Boy Wrote: How dare you Humans not include the Masterpiece that are the Homeword series?! You should all be ashamed of yourselfs!

Homeword... or Homeworld? Big Grin

(12-27-2012, 04:49 AM)Chronofox Wrote: 2006 is old?

u gais r 2 meinstrem

To be fair, I only put it as old because some people are too young.

All my favorites are from the early 00's and earlier.

-Edit: You're mom's too mainstream.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Froge - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 04:49 AM)crisosphinx Wrote: -Edit: You're mom's too mainstream.
crssphnx pls

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Danny Boy - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 04:49 AM)crisosphinx Wrote: Homeword... or Homeworld? Big Grin

Homeworld, Homeworld cataclysm, and Homeworld 2! Why do you think I said "series" to begin whit?