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alot of bugs -game crushes - mybff - 04-16-2008

hey all
i have alot of bugs in the penumbra black plague
first of all when i start the game in the beggining of the game (when he wake up in the room)i got a bug that i see the room flashing with yellow and gray i dont know what is that ...
another starnge bug is that (i got pic)
[Image: z-986029184.JPG]
(the gry is the smoke that should be there, i didnt edit it in the paint LOL)
this is at the beggining 1 stage (when u need to take the small can and cool the temperature)

i checked if my computer can run the game and its ok
i cheked in "can you run it".

whats the problem please help

ohh and alot of times the computer crushed and it restart himeslef

RE: alot of bugs -game crushes - Thomas - 04-16-2008

Try the patch, here:

Try updating your graphic card drivers, see here: