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Lost my copy - sybesis - 04-28-2008

I had to reformat my computer, and hum i forgot to copy everything...of my home directory
I used the gui...i forgot the hidden folder...

the number i got when i bought the game isn't working to download it again.

Oh can i redownload my linux copy?

Oh...seems like the penumbra ouverture technical support isn't here anymore...anyway...

RE: Lost my copy - Yuhaney - 04-28-2008

Here is Penumbra: Overture's technical support forum.

RE: Lost my copy - jens - 04-28-2008

Either send a mail to the address that you got with the order for support and give them details on order number or what email you used to buy the game. Or send me a PM here on the forum with an order number or email address that you bought the game with. It's not the same you used to register here on the forum as I can't find it in the order system.