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RE: Do you want the hunter - ZaRboN - 06-05-2008

WindexGlow Wrote:Simply seeing the hunter climb into a vent, or run away into the darkness would be enough for most players. Having the player 'fight' the hunter would kill it's scariness.
Anyone remember the first spider in overture? You just see it run past? That made my heart thump in an unnatural way!

I'm sad to dissapoint you, but when I played it I think I missed the spider :\

BTW, I don't want the hunter to be in the game...or DO I? ;[]
In one hand, he IS scary and frightnened and can be a great figure in the expansion.
On the other hand, it's better to keep him locked like in the Tech Demo, thought it adds to the scaryness of the player. We don't want to fight that creature, aren't we? Smile

RE: Do you want the hunter - dragonmaster - 06-22-2008

woah, i wrote this? is my mind being disobedient?

Anyways, hunter FTW!

RE: Do you want the hunter - Petike - 06-24-2008

One thing, that would particularly interest me, is :
How did the "Hunter" came into existence anyway ?
Some answers solving this mystery would be fine.
Like... I don't know... Take this suggestion for instance :
If the Tuurngait sentient virus works on a principle of the hive mind, maybe the hunter is something like a warrior-caste creature (like soldier ants or termites), while the "white-allimbical-cord-zombie-researchers" are more commonplace mutants, a worker/guard-caste (like a regular ant worker) and are therefore encountered in larger numbers and aren't so heavily and unnaturally altered by the Tuurngait virus.
Just my suggestion. Anyway, I really hope that Requiem will answer this by acting partly as a prequel : It would show and explain what happened to the Archaic Elevated Caste's researchers before Philip came to Greenland. I would love to see a "first contact" scene with the inteligent alien virus ! :-) Nuff said, that would be... awesome ? Yes. ;-)

RE: Do you want the hunter - jamhaw - 06-25-2008

You know I never thought about it before but a prequel actually does make sense.

RE: Do you want the hunter - Petike - 06-26-2008

jamhaw Wrote:You know I never thought about it before but a prequel actually does make sense.

I just thought about a brutally great idea ! I guess Jens and Thomas really can't make any true video cutscenes for the HPL engine, because it wouldn't support them well. But here's a solution on how to make a "first contact" scene between the researchers and the virus possible, if you want Requiem to be a semi-prequel :

An intro movie with static illustrations and voiceover, just like in all previous Penumbras. But this time, it would not be a direct narration by Philip, but like a normal teleplay scene with the researcher characters shown (e.g. Amabel, Howard, Spider-hater and Countin-numbers-maniac and other scientist fellas from the game's story + maybe the mysterious leader of the Archaic himself). It would show, how they let the virus loose for the first time, etc. The consequences. Then a blackout. Some horrible sounds. Then "BOOM", lets jump a few weeks into the future, the base is destroyed, desolate, teeming with those mutated human or animal critters (Greyzombies, Hunters, Wolf-doggies, Spiders) and then black again... And Philip starts his final narration of the intro (while the screen is completely black). The intro, that we saw, was some older videofootage he managed to view in the Shelter's computer archive (saved footage from security cameras or something like that). From that point on, the story will continue where it lef off in Black Plague - but now, Philip has lost all technical options to contact the outer world... And begins to explore the base... guided by the voice of the Hive mind... (I wish they showed the Hiveminds original lair, or the thing which brought it to Earth "through the gulf of space", as H. G. Wells would say...) And as Philip explores the place once again, he questions his sanity more than ever before. Because he is now fully caught in the middle between reality and dream/nightmare. And his journey starts to roll towards it's ultimate climax...

I have a suggestion for the end of Requiem too, but I'll rather just keep it for my own imagination. :-)

Anyway, who knows, what will Jens and Thomas put into Requiem's storyline... Lets leave it to them...

RE: Do you want the hunter - jamhaw - 06-30-2008

Well I thought prequel because it suddenly clicked with me that if it's puzzle based maybe it's about finding the Tuurngait. Plus it tells more about various characters of which well I'm assuming they mean Amabel ?????? and Red primarly since those are the only friends you have in the game and theyre both dead, (That or it all takes place in your mind as like a test) well those are all my ideas for the new game.

RE: Do you want the hunter - Jeanne-Kamikaze - 07-03-2008

Who is this hunter guy ? Did I miss anything in the game ?

RE: Do you want the hunter - jamhaw - 07-04-2008

It is assumed to be Werner Fritsch though he is not nescesarilly the hunter, it's all wishful thinking really.

RE: Do you want the hunter - darthvulture - 07-04-2008

petike that actually sounded pretty cool!
and its a smart move, but if HPL doesnt support a cut-scene, then we could just play a role in that "cut-scene" u can be a scientist, red or something like that Smile
or cut-scenes work with HPL2 which we dont know yet, but if it did, it would be cool just to have a cut-scene Smile

RE: Do you want the hunter - PeeWee - 09-04-2008

Ummm is there like a picture or something of this Hunter character that I missed or is the entire topic just conjecture?