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RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - CorinthianMerchant - 02-16-2013

We need to judge and insruct the creators of the mods that are actually being released instead of focusing on big titles like Horizon. Nothing bad about them, just that we need to focus on these mods if we want to keep the modding community alive, motivated and with high standards.

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - MyRedNeptune - 02-16-2013

I'll bet $1000 that we will see more masterpieces after AAMFP comes out. I don't really make my own money, but I'm sure that won't be a problem. :3

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - ElectricRed - 02-16-2013

I agree completely Robosprog. I've seen some extremely underrated custom stories around the community that seem to receive nothing but hate and claims of "mediocrity." Some jumpscare stories have clear potential, yet people don't give them a chance and just mock them. We should be explaining to them why jumpscare stories aren't desirable, not just shunning them from the community.

Even the custom stories that are well received are often just ignored. I was lucky to get the publicity I did from Pewdiepie. If he hadn't played Obscurity, then it would have been buried like the rest of the custom stories posted on these forums.

I think part of the problem can be attributed to the elitism around here, and it's honestly quite a shame. The only custom stories that get attention are the ones created by the "senior members," and these senior members seem to just look down on the newer members. Maybe it's a stretch for me to say "elitism," but that's how I see it.

Yes I realize I'm a newish member myself and you may think I'm not in any place to be criticizing the forums. However, I feel that it simply offers a different perspective, and it doesn't make my opinion any less valid.

Thanks for this post Robosprog, the community needs it.

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - WALP - 02-16-2013

You're right Robo.
Far too many times I have looked at mods/CS and thought that they looked interesting, yet when they came out I never even touched them.
So to change this I be playing and reviewing at least one CS/Mod every week from today.

I think I start with Eternium, watched a lot of streams of it and said multiple times that I abselutely loved the lighting of that screenshot you posted in the Screenshots thread. I think I owe you a review.

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - PutraenusAlivius - 02-16-2013

Although, i never played them. I just gave advices to help them to make a great custom story, not making them to make a shitty custom story with naked flying guys.

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - Danny Boy - 02-16-2013

I'm a message member and I approve this senior.

But seriously now. I agree Robo. This is a bad attitude that almost all of us did (including me) and it needs to stop!

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - PutraenusAlivius - 02-16-2013

(02-16-2013, 06:28 PM)Gezz Boy Wrote: I'm a message member and I approve this senior.
Did you mean me or everyone here? Anyways, this thread may solve the bad custom stories epidemic, as senior players will gave them advices.

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - Kreekakon - 02-16-2013

I read the whole thread, and I have to say that I agree completely. Custom stories should be getting more feedback to more properly encourage improvement on the community.

One may say that mod creating, or any game for that matter should be motivated by the creator's desire to set free the artistic feelings they have sealed away inside them. In this case main motivation should come from the creator in question. However you just cannot deny the amount of impact the players, and amount of feedback has on the creator. Even if it's not the main source of motivation, it still will very well affect one's ability to carry that desire forward, and not have it be extinguished.

I remember a much longer time ago when I was still somewhat a new member I used to play almost every custom story that was released. Visibly I do it less, and less now. This thread has inspired me to pour thought into why that is.

Here it is. I won't sugercoat it at all in my favor: The main reason I think that I don't play some of the "less" known custom stories is because of the seed of doubt that has been sub-consciously creeping its way into my mind over the course of the time I stayed here, and evolved from new member, to member, and senior member of the community.

This seed of doubt just basically told me sub-consciously that new stories which I've never heard of just weren't worth my time, and I shouldn't check them out since they would NEVER be good as the "quality" work put out by more well-known people. That's basically what my mind told me every time I saw a custom story I never heard of prior to release, and I didn't even realize it up until now.

I think that this seed of doubt has been in the minds of many other members here as well, and I think that now we are aware of such a thing we should do our best to counter it, and provide constructive feedback for all the mod makers out there.

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - Statyk - 02-16-2013

Happy to hear the response guys. I was worried it would never go back to the way it used to be. Be open to ideas. Let people create what they want. The attitudes recently displayed by some senior members have been very off-putting and I've said that before. It's probably the reason why we haven't had many solid new members lately. Remember that there ARE forum lurkers that come often, and what you say could not only affect the registered.

Be friendly!

RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development - CorinthianMerchant - 02-16-2013

If someone makes a bad map we should tell them what they're doing wrong, nicely. No flaming or insults.

Ask yourself, "what would Fluttershy do"?