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Anyone Remember Atlantia? - Selyp - 02-21-2013

Hey guys,

My name is Selyp and I was working on an ambitious mod called Atlantia quite some time ago. Unfortunately, due to real life issues I was unable to continue work on it.

I was browsing these threads the other day, and I saw that some people had mentioned it as being an anticipated upcoming mod, and I have to say it struck something inside me.

I don't want to leave it unfinished, especially if people are looking forward to it. I know that the story is excellent, and I know that it is possible to pull off a mod like this especially after seeing some of the stuff you guys have all come up with lately.

So here's the pitch. I don't have time to work on the mod too much myself. If anyone would like to see this mod finished, I would like to put together a team to get this done.

I'll be honest, I don't have as much time as I used to, I would have to take the role of creative director and writer and share my ideas with an experienced mapper (or mappers) who could make it happen. I have most of the story fleshed out, and I'm sure I could find the original assets and maps we were using (as seen in the screenshots in ModDB).

I can do some scripting, but I'm a bit rusty and would love to get an experienced scripter on board as well.

If anyone is interested in helping me complete this, please post here, and also include a link to your previous custom stories. If not, I'm afraid the mod will likely never be completed.


RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - Miss Rigi - 02-21-2013

Hey, I still remember some of the area ideas we had.

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - ApeCake - 02-21-2013

Well I never finished my own projects, but I'm glad to see that you're considering finishing it. I love all of your previous creations.

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - Brosive - 02-21-2013

I remember it and it looked amazing. I am glad you are going to finish it.

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - Acies - 02-21-2013

Haha welcome back. I still have the version you sent me on my computer - in case you don't have the files saved on your end.

~ Will probably not hop on board this, as I've got my hands full already.

Good luck!

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - CorinthianMerchant - 02-21-2013

I'd love to help, but I'm busy with my own project and DR2. Good luck! Great to hear that you're alive!!!

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - No Author - 02-22-2013

I remember it, alright.
I remember it like it was just a few seconds ago when I saw this thread.

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - Selyp - 02-22-2013

Glad you guys remember me! Haha.

I've got a mapper, but still need another person or two, if anyone is interested let me know!

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - The chaser - 02-22-2013

(02-22-2013, 09:14 PM)Selyp Wrote: Glad you guys remember me! Haha.

I've got a mapper, but still need another person or two, if anyone is interested let me know!

Well, I can do models for you (not enemies, though). P.M me if interested! Atlantia seemed and seems like a really interesting project. Wink

RE: Anyone Remember Atlantia? - 7heDubz - 07-01-2013

This would be amazing if it was finished!! Good luck selyp! finish it man!!!