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I didn't like it :\ - m0rtal - 05-28-2008

I played the demo, overture and black plague and i was amazed... and scared. I just wanted to say that i liked Overture most. Black Plague felt like Doom or Quake without all the guns and the gore. I was a bit disapointed of it. Just runing past everything, waiting for the guy in my head to say something funy was a bit over the top. The talking zombies kind of ruined the scaryness. In Overture i felt like the only civilized smart being in the mine and that created a big chunk of scary stuff.
Honestly in Overture i was like: "Oh my god... should i open the door? What could be inside? *opening the door a bit and seeing some blood on te floor with creepy noises* Oh crap... *close the door* Damn it... i have o open it..." and such Big Grin
In Black Plague i was like: "Hm? Another door? *open the door widely* Oh wow... Another zombie... Well a bit of runing will do the job. *run around a bit untill zombie stops chasing me* Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah... runing at full speed to the next goal. *guy in head speaks: Hahaha, silly Billy... bla bla bla...* Yeah yeah... shut up and let me go through the stupid door already."
I think you can see the difference Smile

Is it true that there will be a 3rd Penumbra? I couldn't find anything on t he forum except the april fools joke with Rambo killing zombies Big Grin

Thank you for the great game and good luck. Smile

RE: I didn't like it :\ - m0rtal - 05-28-2008

I forgot to mention. After 3 hours of Overture i was afraid to go to the bathroom Big Grin I had all sorts of creepy taughts and i was afraid that something might come form the darkness of the hallway Big Grin
good times Smile

RE: I didn't like it :\ - WindexGlow - 05-28-2008

Yes, I feel the same way.
Overture felt alot more lonely because it felt there was no escape, and you were miles beneath the service and any person.

In blackplauge, it felt like I was inches from the surface and I wasn't far from safety, and just felt like I was getting closer to safety, which is the opposite of Overture.

There will be no Episode 3, however they are making an expansion for black plague (requires black plague) which will the characters more.
They haven't told us anything about it though. They didn't even announce it was being made; their publishers did.
The expansion will not be retail, only digital distribution.

RE: I didn't like it :\ - m0rtal - 05-28-2008

actualy you go to the surface Big Grin
Light up some barrels, blow up some and jump over a big gap (which you could just go around it Big Grin)