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RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture - Jeanne-Kamikaze - 07-03-2008

Yeah Overture was more mysterious, but not as scary as Black Plague in my opinion, mainly because you could beat up the dogs with the iron pike / hammer. I think Black Plague was much more scary; the music, the whole atmosphere, the infected chasing you around and the lack of weapons made me freak out terribly bad. The blurry vision and special effects were extremely sweet. The music suited very well the game action.

RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture - darthvulture - 07-04-2008

i really feel overture was scarier than black plague, those infected people were so slow:O u could run backwards from them...
the atmosphere wasnt as good for me then, it was, as many people has said before, to close to the surface, and u didnt feel locked away, you knew u werent locked 100s of miles inside a chamber with no way of coming out, which it was in overture, u felt alone(cept for poor old red, may he rest in peace Sad ) but in black plague u didnt feel alone, u knew there was an infected out there, which u knew u could outrun... and the sounds they made, didnt like it
but on the other hand, if u had no weapons in overture, you would be screwed. for some reasons the spiders really scared me at timesTongue didnt want to pass the corner, i felt a gigantic mutated spider would be just around the next corner all the time, and that really freaked me out some times(had low hp for instanceTongue not fun dying Sad )
but if u compare the music,graphics,difficulty black plague wins the first 2, the difficulty is hard to compare...
black plague was a nice game, but overture is better in many ways.

RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture - DrDean - 07-04-2008

I honestly liked Black Plague more than Overture. I don't like fighting enemies in horror games. I loved Black Plague and I thought it was scary, but that's probably because I'm a bit of a coward.

I never finished Black Plague because an infected with a flashlight was lurking around a hall near where I had to get the keycard, but there wasn't anywhere to hide. Sad

RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture - darthvulture - 07-07-2008

DrDean, thats what timing and holding in ur shift button(if uve binded that to the run button) and run as hell till u get to the place u want Smile

RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture - ReaperOne1Two2 - 07-07-2008

I would say that Black Plague is much much more scaryier. I loved both and beat both of them a few times acually. But in Overture just knowing I have a melee weapon which will kill any dogs basically makes it feel that much safer. In Black Plague also having clarance around and the atmosphere in general I thought was scaryier. But as someone said the fact you can run away so easy from the infected is the only downside. But it does have more moments where thing's jump out at you. I remember near the start after getting the gas mask my way back. Smile Heard a door break loudly and run without turning around.

RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture - darthvulture - 07-07-2008

yeah there were scary moments in black plague :O
but i remember how scared i was in overture in the beginning Tongue when u hear those noises but still ur going down
and when u were going in a door after a while, and u were just waiting for a spider to jump at u and scare the bejeepers out of u Tongue
but, i do agree having the option to kill them killed some of the scaryness, and that there were dogs and spiders(i really got scared of those spiders;P) dogs were to easy to kill(jump on something they couldnt reach and hit them.)
the infected,as i said before, is easily outrun, and then they do not become that scary,i remember i ran in circles just for fun with em, until i found out which direction i was to go;P
but it was scary until i realized i could outrun them
but both games are great, i love frictional games and i cant wait for the next games Big Grin