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Penumbra Art - DrDean - 06-28-2008

Hello, sirs and madams. Felt like doing some cartoony Penumbra drawings in Flash. Not that good, but it is Penumbra.
[Image: penum1ol9.png]
[Image: penum2ap0.png]
[Image: penum3os4.png]
[Image: penum4uf5.png]

RE: Penumbra Art - Yuhaney - 06-28-2008

Ha ha! This is great one! Big Grin

RE: Penumbra Art - WindexGlow - 06-28-2008

While not "art" these are EXTREMLY penumbra inspired.
Rendered using Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Editor
Yes, I am godly at modeling in wc3.

The last image is from my terrainer, Fl3tcher.

If you like these, -rep me. Give me a negative rep point!
Spoiler below!

[Image: zombiegamealpha01id3.jpg]

[Image: zombiegamealpha02cq5.jpg]

[Image: zombiegamealpha03vg1.jpg]

[Image: zombiealpha0103jo4.jpg]

[Image: file.php?id=459]

RE: Penumbra Art - Yuhaney - 06-28-2008

Hey, by the way, you forgot to do a Dog, Spider and the Worm! Wink

RE: Penumbra Art - eliasfrost - 06-28-2008

Reminds me of Explosm. Smile

RE: Penumbra Art - DrDean - 06-29-2008

I made scruffles.
[Image: penum4uf5.png]

RE: Penumbra Art - Petike - 07-10-2008

DrDean Wrote:[Image: penum4uf5.png]

Hehe, he's even cuter than in the games ! ;-)

RE: Penumbra Art - Kedjane - 07-17-2008

Doggy's a biped now?