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Nailing Down Terminology - Thomas - 05-28-2013

RE: Nailing Down Terminology - plutomaniac - 05-28-2013

This blog post seems like a summary of other big ones, very handy. It resembles my notes from reading all of them over the years. Also, the white theme is much easier to read. The black one made me tired after some minutes of reading.

I remember seeing water some time before too. My guess is that the HPL3 game will feature underwater/water parts. Unless this is not water. Then I failed. But it looks like water, it's...sea blue! Smile

[Image: Header.jpg]

RE: Nailing Down Terminology - Daemian - 05-28-2013

Nice thoughts, as always.

When you're feeling like a big developer, read Thomas, you'll feel small again. ^^