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RE: The Witcher 3 - Googolplex - 06-12-2013

(06-12-2013, 06:45 PM)Your Computer Wrote: I didn't like the Witcher 1 because of the absurd point-and-click combat system. I was glad to find out that the Witcher 2 got rid of that horrible combat system and implemented a more casual hack-and-slash-like system. The graphics for the Witcher 3 looks a little bit better than the Witcher 2, but i'm hoping they won't get lazy with the optimizations like they did with the Witcher 2 (for PC) and that they fix any instability issues before release.

Yes, the combat system of TW1 is a catastrophe, but the whole game is very excellent and it is definitely wrong to skip the game just because of the combat system. Later in the game you will become more familiar.

The story and the atmosphere is so great, that you have to ignore the bad combat system. It's like the camera control in the old Silent Hill games, where you would miss some really good games when skipping it just because you doesn't like one thing.

Also the HUD in TW1 is very ugly, but I recommend to use my "Extreme Immersion Mod" what will remove all HUD of the screen and health rings of the NPCs.

TW2 was an improvement at the combat, but TW1 has better atmosphere at all.

RE: The Witcher 3 - Ghieri - 06-12-2013

Quote: where you would miss some really good games when skipping it just
because you doesn't like one thing.
Too true.

RE: The Witcher 3 - Macgyverthehero - 06-12-2013

My brother broke a controller after raging from the second game.

RE: The Witcher 3 - Oscar House - 06-14-2013

I enjoyed the story of the first game immensely but I stopped playing after reaching the third chapter because the game ran so badly and I didn't like the combat all that much. I really should finish it.

RE: The Witcher 3 - OriginalUsername - 06-16-2013

For anyone interested in the witcher games: The witcher 1 and 2 are both on sale on steam. 66% off for both. I picked them up for about 9 euros.

RE: The Witcher 3 - Draug - 06-17-2013

Oh my.. the screenshots are amazing. Bought the Witcher 2 several months ago. Never managed to play it. After I beat dark souls this will be my next RPG project. Wink

RE: The Witcher 3 - Acies - 08-15-2013

RE: The Witcher 3 - Googolplex - 08-15-2013

Thanks for the gorgeous trailer!!!

RE: The Witcher 3 - Draug - 08-15-2013

This game looks so yummi.

RE: The Witcher 3 - Kreekakon - 08-24-2013

Ooohh...the Witcher series is 75% off on Steam for the weekend! If anyone wants to give it a go now would be a nice time.

Confound all these ridiculously awesomely-priced digital sales deterring me from getting actual physical copies of games like I usually enjoy... *grumbles*