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Monster? - bluel0bster - 08-16-2013

Well since Jens said we could make posts when some news came up, and it certainly has...

This looks to me like the closest we've seen so far of the monster, turned away walking down the alleyway to the left. Looks pretty engorged, has a pipe sticking out of it's arm, and is that a body is dragging?

Spoiler below!

[Image: release_10.jpg]

RE: Monster? - Lama - 08-16-2013

Maybe that body belongs to Lily?

RE: Monster? - Draug - 08-16-2013

For me it looks like the monster is clothed in the same material like the grunts. I mean this "leathery" appearance.

RE: Monster? - Damascus Rose - 08-16-2013

it looks like a dead chicken.

[Image: CookedChicken.jpg]

RE: Monster? - Potato - 08-16-2013

Looks like the same monster from the first trailer in June. The one with the deep grunts and the stubby hand.

Edit: Would someone care to mess with the brightness and contrast a bit, so we might be able to get a better look?

RE: Monster? - Yuhaney - 08-16-2013

I saw it yesterday walking down the street!
It's all Amnesia monsters combined into a dead pig.

I don't know... Who knows what it looks like? There's really nothing we've seen.

RE: Monster? - HorrorElementFilms - 08-16-2013

Well, I tried to digitally enhance the photo to give us a better look at it.

Spoiler below!

[Image: h3SmYJ4.jpg?1]

looks kind of like

[Image: amnesia__machine_for_pigs_monster_design...5599di.png]

Just a little bit fatter.

RE: Monster? - emaper - 08-16-2013

Hey guys, is this the pig monster's head, close to the lamp:

[Image: Schermata%2008-2456521%20alle%2017.51.48.png]

RE: Monster? - HorrorElementFilms - 08-16-2013

(08-16-2013, 05:12 PM)emaper Wrote: Hey guys, is this the pig monster's head, close to the lamp:

[Image: Schermata%2008-2456521%20alle%2017.51.48.png]

Your picture is far too small to see anything of value. where did you find the image?

RE: Monster? - Potato - 08-16-2013

Yeah, it definitely is (or was) carrying a corpse of sorts. A rather mutilated one at that.

But now I'm almost certain that this guy is the one from the first teaser, the one you can see hobbling in between the crates. The skin is almost identical and they both have that pipe contraption.