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stuck and cant move - Animakojo - 08-25-2013

ok so i am playing white night and i just found out about the doctor. while doing the slow walk at the entry of the hospital i approached the doorway. i then looked to the side and saw what might be another path. so i decided to explore it. I am jumping while walking because it seem faster. so while doing this i noticed i jumped on an invisible legde. i then went past the ledge and now I am stuck. I tried for about 20 minutes to try and get back but i cant move from the spot i am in. any ideas?

RE: stuck and cant move - summit - 08-29-2013

Load your last save game. Then don't explore anything, just continue from the normal path.

RE: stuck and cant move - Animakojo - 09-03-2013

that wont work. there is only 1 save and it is saved there. only choices to load anything is to forget meaning logout and save where you are or forget eveything and start over the whole game.