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Amnesia and Markiplier - TheUnbeholden - 08-30-2013

We all love Markiplier, and him being the biggest thing on youtube now since sliced bread I thought I'd make this thread, as we know he really loves Amnesia and has brought to our attention the incoming release of Amnesia Machine for Pigs (around 750'000 views) in his last Amnesia Custom story play through. Perhaps you guys over at Frictional can please not put any references to Markiplier in the game or for Pewdiepie for that matter... because it would be kind of out of place and fourthwall breaking.



RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - Kreekakon - 08-30-2013

Don't you worry, I'm sure it has never crossed their minds to do something of the sort Smile

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - Damascus Rose - 08-30-2013

You made a thread just to suggest that? They'd never do that, do not worry Big Grin

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - summit - 08-30-2013

Sorry, but did you really opened a thread?

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - samueljustice00 - 08-30-2013

Markiplier is great, his voice is incredible he should be on radio/TV

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - Retomathic - 08-30-2013

I like him, not love Tongue

but seriously he is a great let's player and what is special about is that he has a history and how much this means to him

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - bluel0bster - 08-31-2013

Why would you make a thread asking the devs not to put a reference to a youtuber in their game? Have a little faith, they won't do anything that rash.

Plus, the game's already done, so asking them to do or not do anything involved with the development of the game is a little late.

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - LHudson - 08-31-2013

Who is he?

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - Geoff - 08-31-2013

(08-31-2013, 02:36 AM)LHudson Wrote: Who is he?

A simple google search is all you had to do. Markiplier is a youtuber (shocker) who has done TDD and many custom stories for Amnesia for videos.

RE: Amnesia and Markiplier - emd - 08-31-2013

I like his videos made before he started recording himself - he makes too many exaggerated faces now. It makes my eye start to twitch after five minutes of watching the newer videos. I too like his voice - if only he'd stop the exaggerated facial expressions.