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Early Access Issue (HELP) - Draegast - 09-06-2013

Hey Guys,

I'm kind of in a frantic rush as I don't have much time before release. I was wondering if anyone else here with early access has this issue and could help me troubleshoot as I wait for frictional to get back to me.

basically that totally closes my game.


RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - maarten12100 - 09-06-2013

Seems like a memory allocation error to me.
Are your Vram and normal ram OK?
If so I would say that you'd be best of to move the folder to the root directory on a different computer and try again.

Wish I had early access Tongue

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - Draegast - 09-06-2013

ram and vram seem fine no issues with anything hardware related.

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - samueljustice00 - 09-06-2013

Please copy the crash dump and paste here

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - Draegast - 09-06-2013

Things I've done already.

Disabled Firewall
Complete reinstall (twice)
Simple logg out of steam and relogg
verify integrity of cache
Comp restart

With my simple understanding at troubleshooting thats where it ends. I'm now lost lol

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - plutomaniac - 09-07-2013

Normally we ask for the HPL.log file but I'm not sure about this time since the game is not out yet. Check the file HPL.log which can be found under Documens. It might help you pinpoint the problem.

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - JENS TAKE A LOOK - bluel0bster - 09-07-2013

Tried making sure all your drivers are up to date?

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - JENS TAKE A LOOK - Draegast - 09-07-2013

Done and actually my graphics were not. Regardless it didn't solve the problem, thank you however.

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - JENS TAKE A LOOK - jens - 09-07-2013

Possibly open the control panel for the graphics card and reset all the settings and see if that helps.

RE: Early Access Issue (HELP) - JENS TAKE A LOOK - DavidS - 09-07-2013

This is a loooong shot but: Are you using 2 graphic cards (onboard and other) or a graphic card with a non-up to date OpenGL/ no OpenGL support? If the first, right click on the .exe and change the preferred graphic card to the other one. I have this issue with a couple of games, where my comp things it is funny to use the integrated card. (especially Tera, where I couldn`t even switch cards normally, but had to download a subtool that disables selection locks...why so ever...)