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Requiem on Linux via wine? - edfardos - 08-27-2008

Anyone tried the Windows-only version of Requiem on Linux with the wine/win32 emulator?


RE: Requiem on Linux via wine? - edfardos - 08-28-2008

Just to follow up, I found a Windows version of Requiem from a less-than-ethical source to see if it'd work on Linux and Wine, and it does! I just walked around the first room, and everything works perfectly. If any of you actually buy the Windows version of Requiem, let us know here if you're able to play the game to completion using Linux and Wine.

Otherwise, I'm ready to buy the Linux version when it's available!


Kubuntu 8.10, Wine 1.0.0-1ubuntu4~hardy1

RE: Requiem on Linux via wine? - Linux.Blue - 08-28-2008

I was going to say I am about to test it out myself. still will I think, only $10.00. I am using Mandriva, wine version 9.60, and will test out Requiem soon.
update: I think so anyways. I bought it, but no email yet.
If nothing, I'm just going to wait for the Linux version.