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RE: Help in Sewers (level 4) - shakes - 08-29-2008

ou mai gash dude what a shame...guess I owe you, big time ^Smile^

RE: Help in Sewers (level 4) - patzi - 07-22-2009

(08-29-2008, 12:40 PM)Arxel Wrote: hahaha f*** i've got it!!
loool Big GrinBig Grin hahahaha Over 1,5h
sorry for that "f" word with * but I'm happy Big Grin What a lame I was Big Grin
Here you go mate!
Spoiler below!
[Image: beixig.jpg]

And this helps how? I'm lost!

RE: Help in Sewers (level 4) - Aliennoffe - 07-22-2009

I never use the swithes. I just swim out and and put out the boxes so I can get over. You can go back to a earlier save and try that.