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Thanks for an awesome game - radioactivestd - 09-01-2008

I just wanted to tell the creators of the Penumbra series that Penumbra has been one of the best games I have played in a long time. It was highly original, and extremely addictive. I wish you guys would sell penumbra merchandise so I can display my love of the game on a hat or T shirt. I would seriously buy a Penumbra T shirt.

I loved the feeling of moving from the past into a more modern setting as you progressed through the first episode. I love stories with history in them. The ice lake was pure gold; it was a huge surprise and a relief for my brain after I was walking through all those dark tunnels.

The second episode was a success. Lets face it, Clarence made the game what it was. That character idea was awesome, and the voice acting was extremely well done. The monsters turned out to be a breath of fresh air also, not being your typical, "Guy spills jar full of experiment wackiness ensues."

Main stream game developers have their heads so fare up their asses that they would never create a work of art like the Penumbra series. Rather than continuing to create sequels based on the penumbra story, why not create spin offs based on the same universe?

I would also love to see new stories based in a similar weird science fiction horror setting. Some Lovecraft based work perhaps?

I was so satisfied with the ending to black plague that I had hoped there wouldn't be a sequel or continuation of the story from the main characters point of view.

How can you top that nasty dark ending?

Anyway; thank you guys for creating these games. I try to spread them as much as I can by word of mouth. If I can get someone to play Penumbra they're sucked into the game and love it.

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - Tommy Gun - 09-01-2008

yeah, now that penumbra is over, we have to wait till 2009 for lux tenebras.

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - ZaRboN - 09-06-2008


It's nice that someone loves that lake part, I got sucked in it with the letter..and it's cool that someone loves this game so much as I do Big Grin

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - Bloodbath - 09-06-2008

Man...I just came here to thank Frictional for this game and I said DAM....someone beat me to it. Then I read what radioactive said, and I'm glad he did, cuz he said it way better than I could have.
AWESOME series guys and congrats on finishing the trilogy. One of my all time favorite games. I can't wait for your next release.

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - 3D_max - 09-07-2008

Yeah, Penumbra is great game. Liked it very much. It has everything: innovations, story, rather good graphics and atmosphere!
Thank you, Frictional games!

Waiting for the next announce!

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - Umbra - 09-07-2008

Penumbra is one of the best games I ever played. Guys, you did it with wisdom and kind. And you didn't lie to us, so GIANT respect! I hope your next games would be best of the best! Not many people played Penumbra, but I think everyone who played are happy)

You are have a big talant, so use itWink

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - sgi - 09-11-2008

I want to thank developers too!!! Penumbra series is the best atmospheric game for me since Half-Life 1. There are so stupid clones in game industry now, I'm VERY HAPPY that I actually played really NEW GREAT GAME. With great story, great atmosphere, great fresh gameplay. When I played Penumbra, the atmosphere was so great, that I just wanted to go, look around, move things, scan every conner of the level. And the music..... It's the best too!!! The main theme is so emotional, that every time I hear it, I feel the atmosphere of the game... it's darkness, loneliness and scare.

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - Linux.Blue - 09-11-2008

Thanks as well. One of the best games I've played in years.

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - Im_Sexy - 09-12-2008

I congratulate for Overture and Black Plague. Those are AWESOME games and pass many scary games on my list. Good job.
However i don't congratulate for Requiem Smile

RE: Thanks for an awesome game - saja - 09-13-2008

These games were as great as a good story in a book. The engine, physics, graphics were amazing too (although we could not see Philip's body parts or detailed shadow. Like in the Half-Life series.) The story is as uniqe as I expected. And that's what makes the game enjoyable. Anyway, huge success for a small dev. team. Congratulations from Hungary as well!
Keep up the good work.