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requiem on CD? - gft - 09-11-2008

I by far prefer to own my games on CD or DVD. So far the only way I've found to purchase requiem is digitally with annoying activation limits etc. Are there plans to release Requiem on CD or DVD in the future?


RE: requiem on CD? - jens - 09-11-2008

No plans for a CD version, but there might be a collection edition of penumbra or something like that with the two penumbra games + the requiem expansion. But that is up to the publishers what they want to do.

RE: requiem on CD? - gft - 09-11-2008


thanks for the response

RE: requiem on CD? - ROT51 - 09-11-2008

It's called GOLD PACK or something like that. BP and Requiem added in one pack. It seems to be available... Check that out!

RE: requiem on CD? - gft - 09-12-2008

Ah, I see that gamespy reported on the gold pack. It doesn't look like it's available yet, and I already own black plague, so I guess I'm stuck with a digital download.

RE: requiem on CD? - Umbra - 09-12-2008

In Russia 1C want to localisate Requiem on CD it's all that I know (it will be English lang + Russian)

Gold pack... It wouldn't be any use from it (for me) but if this pack will be with flashlight..)

RE: requiem on CD? - Yuhaney - 09-12-2008

Hmm..? All in one? Could someone post a link to that?

I won't buy it but might be cool to see it! Smile

RE: requiem on CD? - jens - 09-12-2008

As far as I know the Gold Pack is only a download option as well, I could be wrong.

RE: requiem on CD? - Umbra - 09-12-2008

Yes, in Russia all localisations of Penumbra with both lang

There is no link, but I hope it will be soon

RE: requiem on CD? - gft - 09-12-2008

A warning to those buying requiem on direct2drive: I have black plague installed but their installer says I don't and won't install. I'm contacting their support (which curiously requires a separate account and login from your normal direct2drive account).