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RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - Plazmater - 10-17-2013

Well i hope this patch will help with aamfp assets , it seems that if you want custom story with aamfp assets you need to do full conversion mod , which is terrible for me at least.

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - Googolplex - 10-17-2013

(10-17-2013, 08:08 AM)jens Wrote: Sorry for the delay with the patch. Back this week but had other work to take care of first. Will finish the patch next week and then it will get out on all the services as quickly as possible.

But is it possible to test the final patch first, before it gets added to all services? And a final changelog would be fine.

And take the time the patch need, there's no must for a release next week. Better to have all issues fixed.

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - jens - 10-25-2013

I have been trying to recreate the missing fan in the spraylock but unable to. Are you sure you have installed the patch correctly so that all entities and map files have been updated with the files from the patch. I tested using the Steam version and then adding merging the patch into it and it was working fine with the fan visible.

Oh and do not use a saved game if that is what you did.

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - Ashtoreth - 10-25-2013

Hello Jens,

I did a speedrun of the game 3 days ago and all the fans appeared, so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I created a new profile?
When I experienced the bug I was playing with the same profile I already had before the patch came out (I did start a new game, didn't use any saved one).


RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - Googolplex - 10-25-2013

I installed the patch 100% correctly using Humble Store version. Checked all files and they were updated!
I started a new game, played the game for some hours and I can confirm that some (the most) fans are missing.

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - plutomaniac - 10-25-2013

I'll try it tomorrow using a clean steam version + 1.0.2 update and see if the fans are still missing. No time to do it now. Wink

Also, I have no idea if that is fixed at 1.0.2 but there is a small scripting glitch at the compound x level if I remember correctly. Basically suddenly a monster starts chasing you from behind and you need to escape from a door at the far end. When you exit the door, the latter disappears btw. Anyway, if you get killed during the chase and then exit the door, the monster will hit the door even though the latter shouldn't be chasing you anymore. Let me know if I confused you Jens.

Spoiler below!
[Image: 73np.jpg]

EDIT: I added an image but I think you already fixed that, it didn't happen time time. And I checked one decontamination room, the fan is there this time. I'll check the rest of the maps tomorrow (reached compound x level where you destroy the lock in 45 minutes - speed run! Smile)

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - Ashtoreth - 10-26-2013

I reached the Sewers in 25 minutes. Cool

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - plutomaniac - 10-26-2013

(10-26-2013, 01:41 AM)Ashtoreth Wrote: I reached the Sewers in 25 minutes. Cool

Yeah, now that I think about it, it was 30 minutes actually. 19:50-20:20, so 30 not 45. Anyway, that doesn't matter. The fans seem to be there this time (clean reinstallation + clean Pig folder with no profiles + v1.0.2 update).

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - Googolplex - 10-26-2013

I'll also check this again.
And the compound x level is fixed.

OK, now the fans are visible for me too. Don't know what was going wrong at the first test playthrough.Huh

RE: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH - plutomaniac - 10-28-2013

Alright, I finished the game again. All fans are indeed there, no problems. Jens, I updated reply #2 and included all issues everyone & I reported at the last 8 pages:

By the way, I can confirm that AAMFP works great at Windows 8.1 ! Tongue