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Regarding Monitzing Your Videos - RenoTheGamer - 10-23-2013

I know there's an early made topic around Jan/Feb 2013 (here)

Plutomaniac (super moderator) of the forum says that Frictional Games allow monetization of their games. I've had my channel (here) for a long time now and many of my Amnesia, Penumbra reaction videos range from 25,000 to near enough 100,000 views overall. I have a partnership with Youtube and I've submitted my videos for them to be monetized. I've always had the problem of getting evidence to support that I can in fact monetize my videos.

Is there actually any documents to support me in saying that Frictional Games allows videos to be monetized.

Thanks if you can help, it means a lot.

RE: Regarding Monitzing Your Videos - Your Computer - 10-23-2013

Unfortunately, the only official statement is only visible to us moderators, but we're working to have a statement publicly available for people to reference (assuming Youtube would even consider that).

RE: Regarding Monitzing Your Videos - LHudson - 10-25-2013

Consider it a blanket statement Smile

RE: Regarding Monitzing Your Videos - Ashtoreth - 11-17-2013


You can now refer to this thread regarding YouTube monetization: