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RE: Helena - Viper85626 - 09-27-2014

Ah, I understand. I'm still kinda ehh with my level design too haha.

RE: Helena - AGP - 10-05-2014

All righty! Things are getting going and back on full speed!! With this latest developement, Helena should be out some time in December!! Big Grin

RE: Helena - AGP - 06-01-2015

It's been a bit too long. Updated the OP.

RE: Helena - AGP - 08-23-2015

OP updated yet again! REAL PROGRESS THIS TIME!! Woot woot!

*holds dance party*

Demo to be released soon! Big Grin YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

RE: Helena [DEMO COMING SOON] - Daemian - 08-24-2015

Good to know, any pics?

RE: Helena [DEMO COMING SOON] - AGP - 08-24-2015

Not at the moment. Hoping to get some up within the next few days.

RE: Helena [DEMO COMING SOON] - AGP - 09-04-2015

Once again, updated the original post. Added some new screenshots and updated info.

I'm hoping to release the public demo for Helena prior to the release of SOMA, which is quickly approaching.

RE: Helena [TRAILER RELEASED] - AGP - 09-23-2015

Welp, I failed my own deadline. *facepalm* BUT! I have released the trailer for Helena and the demo should be quick-ish to follow.

I'm currently working with Romulator to fix some last minute bugs!

RE: Helena [TRAILER RELEASED] - Romulator - 09-23-2015

Was great working with you AGP :3 The mod's come together nicely :3 I'll drop an honest review after the demo is released as well Smile

RE: Helena [TRAILER RELEASED] - AGP - 09-23-2015

Hooray! Danke, sir!

Silently looks over at Steam chat....

How did you.... You are such a ninja!



Yes, that's right, the demo is uploading right now. I'm so sneaky that way. ;D

And just like that, Helena is now available for download!! Big Grin