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RE: Religion - Cuyir - 10-31-2013

Are you happy, Pah Dee?


Now all we need is a politics thread and the forum will be golden.

RE: Religion - Paddy™ - 10-31-2013

(10-31-2013, 11:21 PM)Cuyir Wrote: Are you happy, Pah Dee?

No Sad That's why I recently signed up with TWA (Text Walls Anonymous). They say they can help me, but their emails are really short, only around 1200 words, so I don't know if I can trust them...

RE: Religion - Nice - 10-31-2013

(10-31-2013, 11:08 PM)Paddy™ Wrote: we have to take what evidence is available to us and make the best decision we can with it.
And i've already done that.

As for the rest of your post i'm not even gonna bother right now, maybe tommorow because i've already posted enough about this subject today and honestly it's pointless because i couldn't care less what you believe and don't believe and i dont feel obliged to make you believe. Look at it however you want, with a smug face "amg i totally got him" or not.

I hardly think its worth the time to spend writing huge blocks of text to each other. I dont think any religion discussion on the internet has ever made anyone reconsider his personal belief. At the end of the day we all drop dead anyways and see for ourselves...or not.

RE: Religion - Paddy™ - 10-31-2013

(10-31-2013, 11:27 PM)Dogfood Wrote: Look at it however you want, with a smug face "amg i totally got him" or not.

It's all good man Heart no smugness here.

RE: Religion - Nice - 10-31-2013

(10-31-2013, 11:36 PM)Paddy™ Wrote:
(10-31-2013, 11:27 PM)Dogfood Wrote: Look at it however you want, with a smug face "amg i totally got him" or not.

It's all good man Heart no smugness here.

you're such a good...grown up boy

RE: Religion - Ghieri - 10-31-2013

(10-31-2013, 10:39 PM)Mechavomit Wrote: Everyone is an atheist until the plane starts to fall.

Nah. I wouldn't believe in a god, but I sure as hell would believe in Crash safety procedure if I survived! : P

RE: Religion - Change - 11-01-2013

Governments Of Deception

Guardians Of Death

Genesis, Oligarchy, Destruction

Grow or Gold, Oppression, Depression- The Monetary system cycles

Warning- Long read ahead

Am I the only one who thinks that "god"( or this god "game") is the true enemy of man and there is no such thing as Satan, just one or several people who put on and then take off the mask. There's no such thing as a purely "evil" species. After all, most of the negative deeds in history are done at least some of them, in the name of GOD, then blamed on the devil or reptilians, greys, anybody but us.

I "believe" Humans were mentally, genetically, socially, chemically, [size=5]biologically manipulated deceptively by another species that exist in this universe(galaxy) {I think the universe is this galaxy and other galaxies are other universes. Based on the big bang theory the universe could just be the nebula we'er in since it's usually formed by a star that "exploded" and the material collect to for many stars within, some of those smaller stars for solar systems. This would mean that this galaxy would be a multiverse and other galaxies would be other multiverses, all of these multiverses form the visible omniverse within the cosmic "foam". But I'm leaning toward's a galaxy is a universe more. This is my theory by the way, at least I developed it with my own thinking}

Try to understand/see things in a non mythical/mystical way, understand that humans are not the only life in this galaxy(universe), because that would be very arrogant,egotistical, narcissistic and quiet frankly sad.

Lets take a myth like Noah's Ark and ask: How would you keep a pair of each animal on a ship? How would this be realistically and scientifically possible.

You could take each of their complete genetic information male/female stored in compact containers and kept somewhere, maybe in a large spaceship or base. Because a whole bunch of animals on a giant wooden boat for 40 days and nights would be the stankiest trip imaginable, I mean, who's gonna clean all that shit up?, seriously! Lets not forget they need food to eat, more shit, also lions confined in a small space with other predators and animals/mammals, by the time that ship lands it would be a nasty, bloody, shitty site once someone looked in there. Or noah would've ate them all. Oh yea he forgot people, or saved at least save some sexy ladies for *ahem* procreation Wink.

To early humans with a limited frame of reference they wouldn't understand things in a more developed sense. So they wrote down events in the form of myths and as time went by humans began to add their own myths and versions, creating even more distortion, confusion and interpretations. Let's say the old religions from Europe stem from manipulation by an extraterrestrial species (The Elohim), newer religions stem from interpretations from already misunderstandings, same for Asia and the rest of the world, the only difference is there may have been other species but using similar programming, which is why some religions have similar stories or events.

{ I suspect there may have been two different species manipulating people in Europe, The Elohim early on( probably for several hundred thousand years or more until 4900b.c(they left) and "somebody" else later on, somewhere between 900b.c - 1500a.d.}

(G)ame (O)f (D)eceit

For me there is a major difference between spirituality and religion, one being natural and the other artificially influenced, also one more focused on the earth/nature, one focused on worship/servitude to "something" in the sky or somebody claiming this/that from "something" stemming from the sky.

A fact: evolution is very slow, if we evolved from apes/cavemen to what we are now in such a short time period, 1 or 2 million / 500 or 200, 000 or 9 or 7 ,000 years that's far to short a time span for use to be the way we are, that screams artificial, it's not natural for any species to develop this quickly.

That's my hypothesis at least. I'm not an atheist nor a believer, I think about it from an untapped point of view, that both atheist and religions completely misunderstand the reality behind the "verbal hologram".

Sorry if this is difficult to understand, I tried to explain the same things differently, I try to look at things in a much deeper and different perspective to find out the background reasons for things.

I don't consider myself a tinfoil hat guy neither, I take this very seriously.

RE: Religion - Cuyir - 11-01-2013

I imagined you furiously typing that, insane look in your eyes as you sweat profusely thanks to your lunatic text formatting....

RE: Religion - Change - 11-01-2013

(11-01-2013, 04:29 AM)Cuyir Wrote: I imagined you furiously typing that, insane look in your eyes as you sweat profusely thanks to your lunatic text formatting....

HAHAHAH, It must have increased the size of some of the text while I was typingBig Grin Also I'm a slow typer, so this going to be a pain in the ass to fixTongue
Furiously editing.


*sigh* alright I think I got it decent for now, work on it more tomorrow, time to get some sleep, I'm clearly tired. Also if anyone heard a a distant pop sound that was me super face palming when I saw how horrendous the text formating came out

Thanks Paddy, it looks good.

Now....on to bedtime!

RE: Religion - Alardem - 11-01-2013

[Image: laughing-pig.jpg]

MFW that guy's self-humiliating post.