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Fancy Bathroom Walls - Linus Ågren - 10-31-2013

Alright, this is one of my first attempts to make a wall set for Amnesia.
I am a mega-amature when it comes to Modelling.
Tell me what you think!

Give credits if you plan on using it.

Give me your critics and tips to improve!

Screenshot & Download:
Spoiler below!
[Image: ujGycXt.jpg]

Includes a long wall, a door way and a door frame.

Direct Link & HD:

RE: Fancy Bathroom Walls - Acies - 10-31-2013

Hmm.. I think the specular shine is good. Like, the reflectiveness. The theme and tiling works well too.

Well, things to consider:
1) The maps; specular/normal/height are auto generated from an image. That is almost never a good thing Tongue As to why it isn't good: images contain a lot of noise, that noise might be dust, speckles, dirt etc. which doesn't have anything to do with the geometric height of the object displayed in the image. Consequently auto-generated maps will be noisy in places where they shouldn't be - and will not look 'good' (or as good as they can be).

2) 2048x2048 is too large Smile Use 1024x1024. Unless it's something of great importance, such as a character or a special object. Be mindful of the choice to use a 2048x2048.

3) Use .dds as texture files.

4) Don't be afraid to give the model more geometry, use more tris Smile You can work with up to ~600 tris for each object!

5) To help counteract No. 1, get into the habit of making high poly models - it's awesome! And will really help your work look a lot better in the end Smile

Edit: 6) Specular maps are stored in the red channel. Gloss maps are stored in the green channel. So a specular map in amnesia is spec+gloss. Blue channel is black.
I'm trying to describe it here:

I'm swedish so, not using perfect english.

Information on maps:

On a whole, good job! Take the above as tips rather than harsh criticisms. Keep on modeling and texturing!

RE: Fancy Bathroom Walls - Rapture - 10-31-2013

I would feel scared going to the bathroom in their. xD

Nice job though!

RE: Fancy Bathroom Walls - Linus Ågren - 10-31-2013

@Acies Thank you for taking your time to write this. I will study it thoroughly to try and improve my next models!

I am currently studying UV-Unwrapping. Kind-of difficult for certain things. Smile

(Swedish here too btw.)

RE: Fancy Bathroom Walls - DnALANGE - 10-31-2013

Checking this out!
Looks great!
Might use it.
Nice job!