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RE: vending machine - Danarogon AP - 12-21-2013

The vending machine gained self awareness and an ultimatum to humanity came out.

Put's some water inside because I apparently am still inside the vending machine and I need supplies to survive.

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 12-21-2013

An empty cup come out,
And president Obama fills the cup with to spensive oil and stuffs it back in.

RE: vending machine - Romulator - 03-04-2014

This thread, bumped unnecessarily, comes back out.

Puts a Nintendo 2DS in...

RE: vending machine - LordOfDragons - 03-04-2014

Low quality metal comes out....

Puts traggey in...

RE: vending machine - PutraenusAlivius - 03-04-2014

Good 3D Models and an handsome man comes out...

Shoves a dead body in...

RE: vending machine - CorinthianMerchant - 03-04-2014

Sex doll comes out.

You put a fedora in...

RE: vending machine - Nice - 03-04-2014

friendzone comes out

puts black chocolate inside

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 03-04-2014

molten chocolate came out ~
Puts the president of Russia inside...............

RE: vending machine - Nice - 03-04-2014

gold comes out

puts obama inside

RE: vending machine - LordOfDragons - 03-04-2014

Your mom comes out... woop woop.

Puts endosine in... [oh yess ]