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RE: vending machine - BonesTheRabbit - 03-11-2014

One sheet of paper reading "I made you a cookie, but I ated it," comes out.

Puts in a live rabbit.

RE: vending machine - LordOfDragons - 03-11-2014

A cute live rabbit gets saved from the machine.

Puts Jeff the killer in... (Go to sleep...)

Gawd got ninja'd. Again

RE: vending machine - RedKnight - 03-11-2014

Darkness comes out

Puts myself again in

RE: vending machine - CarnivorousJelly - 03-11-2014

A barrel of monkeys comes out

puts in $1.50 and presses E5

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 03-11-2014

passes this one to someone else. I'm too afraid to buy something while the croc is in the machine...
Passes the same question to the next person in... Wink

RE: vending machine - Radical Batz - 03-11-2014

A pair of shoe crocs come out

Puts a keyboard in

RE: vending machine - Red - 03-11-2014

Mouse comes out.

Puts Jesus in...

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 03-12-2014

The "What we call " World comes out.
Put a dinosaur in...

RE: vending machine - daortir - 03-12-2014

Oil comes out.

Put Benjamin Button in...

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 03-12-2014

Put a dinosaur in...
Quote:Oil comes out....
THAT does make sense Wink
Airplanes come out...
Put a cd-rom of Wolfenstein3d inside (a Pentium1)...