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RE: vending machine - daortir - 03-13-2014

Traggey's mom's wedding comes out. Huehue.

Puts Sergio Leone in...

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 03-13-2014

his wife (Carla Leone) comes out and will take a shower...
Put some water in...

RE: vending machine - RedKnight - 03-13-2014

Blood comes out

Puts myself again in

RE: vending machine - Slanderous - 03-13-2014

Butchered meat comes out,

Puts a C4 in,

RE: vending machine - MyRedNeptune - 03-13-2014

Beautiful music and no violence at all emit from the machine.

Puts a bad idea in.

RE: vending machine - Nice - 03-13-2014

(03-13-2014, 09:58 PM)MyRedNeptune Wrote: Puts a bad idea in.

a pewdiepie inspired custom story comes out

Puts a good idea in

RE: vending machine - RedKnight - 03-14-2014

Premonition comes out

Puts a sheep in...

RE: vending machine - CarnivorousJelly - 03-14-2014

A wolf comes out

Casually redirects the wolf back in to the machine...

RE: vending machine - RedKnight - 03-14-2014

Werewolf comes out.

Puts a pigman in...

RE: vending machine - PutraenusAlivius - 03-14-2014

Bacon came out.

Puts Ice Cream in..