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RE: vending machine - RedKnight - 07-13-2014

Salty lemons comes out.

But mew in...

RE: vending machine - Ashtoreth - 07-15-2014

...Mewtwo comes out.

Puts a bag full of misused backslashes inside the machine...

RE: vending machine - Romulator - 07-15-2014

(Probably misinterpreting backslashes here)
Freddie Krueger comes out.

Puts the Frictional Games Skype Group in...

RE: vending machine - Froge - 07-15-2014

A European gay orgy comes out, with Dogfood at the front of the train.

Puts a Swedish gay orgy in...

RE: vending machine - Deep One - 07-15-2014

you-know-who comes out

puts a dying forum in

RE: vending machine - Nice - 07-15-2014

dust comes out

puts a canadian gay man-whore inside

RE: vending machine - Macgyverthehero - 07-15-2014

A Canadian Lesbian Woman-Whore comes out.

Puts a Jelly Bean inside...

RE: vending machine - Ashtoreth - 07-16-2014

...a Chewit comes out.

Puts a Godzilla plush toy in...

RE: vending machine - Paddy™ - 07-16-2014

A Furby comes out.

Puts an elderly Irish prostitute in.

RE: vending machine - Ashtoreth - 07-16-2014

...Margaret Thatcher comes out.

Stuffs a member of the Orange Order inside the machine...