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RE: vending machine - Ashtoreth - 10-29-2015

...a cortex chip comes out, followed by a stun baton. D:

Puts a pumpkin in...

RE: vending machine - Paddy™ - 10-29-2015

(10-29-2015, 10:10 PM)Ashtoreth Wrote: ...a cortex chip comes out, followed by a stun baton. D:

Puts a pumpkin in...

The lifeless corpse of K8 comes out, her face terrified and twisted like the carved pumpkin that begat her, with a heel-print still visible in her forehead where Paddy stomped her to death rather than waste the batteries on his stungun.

Puts divorce papers in...

RE: vending machine - Ashtoreth - 10-29-2015

The machine chews the papers. Nothing comes out.

Puts Conor McGregor's ears in...

RE: vending machine - Romulator - 10-30-2015

... A pair of angel wings comes out.

Puts 30,000 cached wikipedia pages in...

RE: vending machine - FlawlessHappiness - 10-31-2015

...A bucket full of procrastination comes out.

Puts in a poorly drawn drawing of a horse...

RE: vending machine - WALP - 10-31-2015

...My drawing of a horse comes out, look at it, my horse is amazing.
Puts in 10 stars....

RE: vending machine - Danarogon AP - 11-01-2015

The stars implode into a black hole and obliterate the machine into subatomic particles.

Replaces the vending machine with a shady fortune teller machine.

RE: vending machine - CarnivorousJelly - 11-12-2015

The fortune teller machine says you'll have bad luck for a thousand years from breaking the vending machine.

Asks fortune teller if I should buy a lottery ticket

RE: vending machine - FlawlessHappiness - 11-13-2015

...The vending machine was not happy about that.

Plays calm, soothing music for the vending machine...

RE: vending machine - FrictieGames - 11-13-2015

Hi, it's me, DNALANGE again, trying to work around my ban.