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RE: vending machine - i3670 - 12-15-2013

ED-E comes out.

Puts the philosophical school of utilitarianism in...

RE: vending machine - Ashtoreth - 12-15-2013

...a headache comes out.

Puts an iMember inside...

RE: vending machine - DnALANGE - 12-16-2013

... that's showing a ridiculous duckface ...

Put's some patience in...

RE: vending machine - Romulator - 12-16-2013

Nothing comes out so I bang the machine until a puff of air comes out

Puts a Gameboy Color in..

RE: vending machine - FlawlessHappiness - 12-16-2013

Pokémon comes out!

Puts hair inside...

RE: vending machine - Gilligan's Hell - 12-16-2013

A Bald Servant grunt comes out!

Shoves a very pissed off brute inside...

RE: vending machine - PutraenusAlivius - 12-16-2013

He won't come out.

Forcefully pushes and shoves a car in...

RE: vending machine - Nice - 12-16-2013

googolplex comes out

puts a condom inside

RE: vending machine - FlawlessHappiness - 12-16-2013

Babies come out.

Puts in logic..

RE: vending machine - Kreekakon - 12-16-2013

Nothing comes out because there isn't any left in this thread Smile

Puts a dog inside