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3D surround sound using HRTF? - Bucic - 01-04-2014

In short, a very good 3D sound positioning can be achieved using stereo headphones and special sound processing implementations like Dolby Headphone or HRTF. See:

Is there some sort of a recommended configuration to achieve best/any results? I'd like to know how to configure a Linux environment* in particular, but let's not narrow it down to Linux, if possible.

an example for ATDD:
example general notes:


So it looks like it pretty straightforward on Linux. What is missing is:
- what's your experience with HRTF enabled for Amnesia games?
- how to enable HRTF for Amnesia on Windows?

PS. Please don't move the topic just because I mention ATDD. The topic is on audio engine which is, AFAIK, common for all FG games.