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RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - graykin - 02-03-2010

From posts I've read in the past, they will not be porting the game to other consoles. Technical, financial, and temporal issues are the main factors for this.

As for the projection system, I have not actually tried this out myself, but I'd imagine I would probably wet myself again if I got to play the game on a big "screen" with surround sound. If I could set it up, I definitely would in a heart beat. :-)

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Sexbad - 02-03-2010

There's also the Novint Falcon, for which Penumbra had a version. I've never used any of these things but the Novint Falcon looks like the nicest idea for this. I may get one and the HaptX Penumbra when I start getting money for being talented.

The Sixense thing looks neat, but probably wouldn't actually be very great for physical gameplay, as it doesn't seem to carry weight.

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - -[Badger]- - 02-04-2010

The big problem with these motion systems is force feedback. its not gonna seem real till there is feedback. but I thought I'd bring it up because of the way penumbra plays, and how the mouse interactions are almost real. with that. has anyone seen the Powerglove Wiimote? now that with a projector and surround in a closed room. Reaching for things, picking them up, pushing doors open; i'm the first Time I play the game that way I'd turn around IRL meaning to turn and run in game. or even crouch when crouched in game hiding.

Penumbra series is the best game I've played this decade, next to S.t.a.l.k.e.r., Cant Wait for Amnesia.

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Zstar20 - 02-09-2010

Anything new to expect soon, trailer maybe? D:

I need moar Amnesia, give me Amnesia!

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - ROT51 - 02-13-2010

Amnesia will come out sooner, or later. Just need to cool down everybody. I know it's not easy to wait the game what you anticipate most. Patience!

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Googolplex - 02-20-2010

Thank you, Frictional Games!
The new trailer of Amnesia is eerie!
I don't think before that Amnesia were so good!

I would buy me the german retail-version (if any).
I would pay 200 euro for it!

please make a german translation and bring it out in german shops.

Amnesia will be the best game 2010.
I hope there are more eerie parts as this one in the teaser.

thank you for this game.
I hope you will get much money with it!

Why your games are so exclusive and heavy to get?
There are not much people who knews Penumbra and Amnesia.

Your kind of horror is the only right kind!
It's eerie if there are an old woodern door and a crying child.

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - G-offspring - 02-22-2010

Many, many thanks to the devs.
Since I first saw the Penumbra tech demo I was mad about a game that would combine the Penumbra's interactivity with the gameplay of Clock Tower: where you cannot physically eliminate your enemy and the only way to survive is to hide form it, plus having the freedom to interact with the invironment in seek for shelter or a way to block the passage. For me, such a hypothetical game, seemed as an ultimate survival horror experience ever possible.

Then I saw the teaser of the Amnesia and (though i understand, that it is just a piece of gameplay with this very monster, which took place on a specially designed level, and that it is not the same stuff the player will find in the game, packed in 3-minutes long video) found there the core idea, the gameplay formula, which haunted me for more than 3 years already and which I craved to experience. Thank you, just thank you. It's a must have.

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Peanuckle - 06-29-2010

Hey, just found these forums. I'd like to say I love the Penumbra series, and once Amnesia is released you have one dedicated sale right here. You guys rock.

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Erzeal - 08-02-2010

I cant wait to play this game..its going to be so amazing. Big Grin

RE: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - DraGGon2k - 08-02-2010

While I still have Requiem to play, I can't wait for your next game(I know of course that the series aren't connected), it's just something different from your 0815 games and that is awesome. Plus this is probably the scariest game series I've ever played.