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RE: Help please >.< - Slanderous - 04-01-2014

You need a transparent texture, use gimp of ps or other program that allows to create transparent images.

RE: Help please >.< - Solarflaire - 04-02-2014

And how do I make it move? Like the roaches in tdd?

RE: Help please >.< - DnALANGE - 04-02-2014

Quote:And how do I make it move? Like the roaches in tdd?
Thats in the source code i believe..
The problem is you have to make the function call like 5 times = 5 different pictures to see something MOVE.
It will NEVER look amazing tho..
Check out my full conversion : PREMONITION.
Check the code \ pictures \ Misc\main_sanity_event.cfg.
Those 3 are the most importend ones
all 3 work together, if 1 is NOT there it will NOT function.
To get this to work did cost me about over 50 hours to work..
so FG has made a new function for this problem ( because of me i asked Tongue called):
PHP Code:
// IMPORTEND!!! ->That is the name of the event i made INSIDE the (Misc\)main_sanity_event.cfg NOT the PICTURE itself. 
To make it STOP call this :
PHP Code: