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Small request - OriginalUsername - 04-30-2014

Hey guys,

I need a really small and easy model. I'm looking for a pack of cigarettes. Preferably something European, like Marlboro or Camel. (I don't know if those brands exist in the US). It doesn't need to be opened. It would be cool, but a closed one is fine by me.
I hope someone can help me out since I basically need a rectangle with a texture on it.

RE: Small request - PutraenusAlivius - 04-30-2014

Here you go. Sorry for the cube only thing, I was tired.

RE: Small request - OriginalUsername - 04-30-2014

That doesn't work for me..

RE: Small request - DnALANGE - 04-30-2014

Specify that...
Does the link not work or the pack of cigarettes??

RE: Small request - OriginalUsername - 04-30-2014

The cigarettes.

RE: Small request - Statyk - 04-30-2014

Moved to Development Support

RE: Small request - RaideX - 04-30-2014

Just threw something together real quick. If you need more detail and/or an open version you'll have to give me some more time Smile

But this is what I've done in the smallest time possible.

RE: Small request - OriginalUsername - 04-30-2014

They aren't showing up in the level editor... Am I doing something wrong?
[Image: 1ftrV4o.png]

RE: Small request - Mudbill - 04-30-2014

Am I late to submit my version? xP

I decided to try my luck at an open one. If I knew how much time it'd take me, I probably wouldn't have done it lol.

Anyways, here's my result:
Spoiler below!
[Image: uhvajD1.png]

Grab a download if ya wish.

PS: Texturing is a pain.

Now, why aren't they showing up? Did you open them in the model viewer and editor? I included an .ent file for mine, so it should appear in the level editor, I'm pretty sure. You can open it in the model editor and adjust the amount the lid is open (although it's not too easy, cause the pivot point hates me D: ).

RE: Small request - RaideX - 04-30-2014

pretty much what mudbill said.

Be sure to select "insert mesh" to load up the model in the modeleditor and do your thing with it.

I didn't know what you had planned with it so i just left that part out :]

EDIT: Typos.