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Slender the Arrival - Alex Ros - 05-14-2014

Looks like there's no thread on this Unity evolving project. So here we go.

When it was first released it was kinda rushed release. The story was rather poor and formal, the gameplay was repetitive and boring, the horror build-up was nearly absent. But since then the game evolved drastically. With the latest 1.5 update developers have expanded 1st part and made a really well-thought-out horror build-up. Practically developers have expanded 1st level twice bigger as it was seen in the 1st release. Yup, twice, and that's really cool. Story is drastically expanded with that latest 1.5 update. More of that they've tweaked difficulty settings and as a result while playing on Easy the game is a lot more story oriented. For example in the forest you don't have to collect all the pages and replay the chapter for tones of times. Nope, you just got your portion of fear and move on to the next chapter.

Since then developers have announced the farther expansion of the story with a new content It looks like developers are trying real hard to evolve their own product. Which is unusual. And while observing 1.5 update it looks like they're trying to focus on tension, horror build-up and storyline. 1.5 is already a completely different game in comparison with 1.0 release. It's very interesting to look how kinda poor project becomes somewhat truly satisfying.

RE: Slender the Arrival - Neelke - 05-14-2014

It would seem (from the view of the preview image) as Blue Isle Studios is working their asses off at updating Slender: The Arrival. But to be honest, I'm not complaining. The first version of this game was way too short and I'm glad to see that it's getting updated as we speak.

Hopefully a lot of stuff has been improved (more) when this version is being realeased. Not really a fan of Slender myself, but this looks like something truly extraordinary and worth waiting for.

RE: Slender the Arrival - Alex Ros - 10-16-2014

Official trailer of the PC update, now it is build 2.0. Update is free for those who already own Slender the Arrival on Steam. This update makes game nearly new, it adds 2 new levels and lots of tiny tweaks. The game have expanded drastically on storyline, characters, mysteries and horror development. In comparison with original build 1.0 this new update 2.0 makes the game twice bigger (in terms of explorable areas) and twice longer. The story is fully satisfying, not perfect, because you have to find and read notes and they're not integrated into the gameplay. Just notes on their own, which in my opinion is no good, when story is not integrated into the game activity. All in all what I can surely say is that mediocre game became a very good horror game on it's own. One year and a half and I can give it honest 4/5. Recommended to everyone to give it a try! A lot more unique immersive clever horror in comparison with a popular Outlast slasher for example. I think on Halloween there would be a nice discount for horror games. Even now it is not very expensive 10$.

RE: Slender the Arrival - jaykowalski - 10-17-2014

It's not so scary as first slender when it came out. But overall, the game is good.