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Gamma issues - Bridge - 06-11-2014

I finally got this up and running and I'm getting pretty good performance so far. There's only one problem - I cannot adjust the gamma at all. I can drop it all the way down to 0.1 and it is just as visible as it is at 1. It seems like this is a common problem although I haven't been able to find a solution yet. Does anybody know a fix?

P.S. I'm completely new to Linux (just installed the latest stable Debian yesterday) so please excuse my ignorance.

RE: Gamma issues - Urkle - 06-11-2014

unfortunately the method used to adjust the gamma doesn't work with many compositing window managers (such as compiz that is used by the Unity Desktop environment in Ubuntu).

RE: Gamma issues - Bridge - 06-11-2014

Do you know whether it is only compatible with Windows/Mac or whether switching to a different window manager might work?