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Key and Journal Entrys Missing - CQBgamer - 07-04-2014

Hi guys, sorry if this is a question you are answering all the time, but this is my first custom story and im in no way very good at coding. Anyway, I just added a checkpoint in my script and added a custom death hint to the extraenglish.lang file and when I loaded up my game all of my key names, descriptions, journal entries (including the titles and the entry itself) are no longer there. They are still in the .lang file and I didnt change anything in the main script that was involved with the keys or journal entry. Here is my .lang file

<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
    <Entry Name="Description">My First Custom Story For Amnesia</Entry>
  <CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
    <Entry Name="ItemName_Storage_Room_Key">Storage Room Key</Entry>
    <Entry Name="ItemDesc_Storage_Room_Key">The key to my storage room</Entry>

          <CATEGORY Name="Journal">
     <Entry Name="Note_note01_Name">Hello old friend</Entry>
     <Entry Name="Note_note01_Text">Did you sleep well? I hope so, you will need all the rest you can get if you are to survive.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Message2">
        <Entry Name ="*MessageScriptName*">*Your Message*</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name= "DeathHints">
        <Entry Name="Hide">You must hide....</Entry>
        <Entry Name="DeathHint2">DeathHintText</Entry>>

I will provide my main script if needed, any help will be greatly appreciated.

RE: Key and Journal Entrys Missing - Mudbill - 07-04-2014

You're missing a </CATEGORY> tag for the DeathHints one. Place it after your last death hint entry.

RE: Key and Journal Entrys Missing - CQBgamer - 07-04-2014

*Insert Facepalm Here" Thanks so much Smile dont know how I could have missed that.