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Reset puzzle - Rowzter - 07-04-2014

So i have this puzzle i created working perfect that has a 60 second timer and if you run out of time a brute will enter the room and kill you. i have a working checkpoint that respawns the player, problem is i dont know how to reset the item's, enemy and timer and so on..

How to do this?

RE: Reset puzzle - Mudbill - 07-04-2014

In the callback for respawning, you must set values back to normal. You can kill the timer using RemoveTimer("internalname"); and you can re-enable the brute with SetEntityActive("brute", true);

If your puzzle uses variables, you must remember to set them to a working state.

You can maybe use CreateEntityAtArea to spawn items back, and use SetEntityActive on other entities to disable them as well as RemoveItem from the inventory.

RE: Reset puzzle - The chaser - 07-05-2014

I think that if you add this in your checkpoint funcion it should work:

AddTimer("", 60, "Timer_Brute");

Obviously, change the names as you may.