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Penumbra Collection review - LTS - 02-03-2009

Penumbra Collection review at Resolution. Scores 78%.

"Atmosphere. It's a bit of a cop-out phrase, used to describe an engaging game without fully identifying what makes it all tick. But there's really no better way of summarising Penumbra's quality. The relentlessly dark corridors and delectably creepy storyline make for some real, edge-of-seat gameplay, compounded by some fantastic level design and character dialogue, that blur the lines of reality and toy with your psyche respectively."

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Yuhaney - 02-03-2009

In my opinion, people DO rate Penumbra series too low... Like 70p - 80p / 100p , is just too low.

There's like 4 makers to do such a game! And look where they have began... Energetic and Fiend!
Valve and other companies like that are more known, but still, Penumbra can be combared to many of the games on nowdays and truly is better than many of them. It has something that many of the games don't. NEW ideas for gameing industry!

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Kedjane - 02-03-2009

I think 78% sounds about right.
It's not some hugely advertised game which it pretty much has to be to get a higher score. Fable II, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space are in the next rating group around 80-90 and honestly Penumbra isn't that good. They are a tad stiff, just a standard first person game with no twist such as the gravity gun, portal gun, bullet time, time freeze, time reverse, enemy infighting or believable AI teamates. They are also pretty short.
So I would say around 80% is very well for a game developed this discretely and inexpensively.

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Yuhaney - 02-03-2009

85p would sound more better for me. Wink:

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Im_Sexy - 02-04-2009

i think the score is pretty fare Smile

RE: Penumbra Collection review - eliasfrost - 02-07-2009

Yeah, I think the score penumbra got is just right. It's not a master piece, it really isn't but it certainly deserves those high scores for an indie game. Smile:

No offence Frictional, Penumbra is a great game!

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Meowington T Cat - 02-08-2009

I would have scored the game a little higher, personally. I can't remember playing a game so original and fresh since the old golden times of PC Gaming. Having played most retail games out nowadays with high production values and hype, I can say that most of them have been somewhat of an empty experience, seemingly spending more time on making the games a technical wonder than on art value (audio, writing, storytelling, innovation, etc) Sometimes I won't even finish a game, losing interest halfway through, or rushing the half end of the game just to get it over with.

This game sucked me in all the way through, had some awesome moments, and a great ending. Probably one of the most frightening games I've played, due to the fact that I felt so vulnerable to whatever was attacking me. Not that the game didn't have its share of issues, but it's one of those games that just leaves a lasting impression on you after it's over. Hats off to the guys who made this game, I'm definately going to recommend it to everyone I know with a PC.

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Viking - 02-16-2009

Is Penumbra Collection getting a UK release? Only reason I'm asking is I've pre-ordered it on and it had a release date of the 20th or 23rd Feb. But now it's completely blank.
Hope this doesn't end up like shadowgrounds: survivor.

RE: Penumbra Collection review - jens - 02-16-2009

As far as we know nothing has changed so the game should come out in all countries previously listing it as such. Here in Sweden it is listed to be released on the 20th, perhaps it will be the same in the UK even it is blank at the moment.

RE: Penumbra Collection review - Viking - 02-16-2009

Hopefully so. Even just searching for it just brings up Overture and BP now. Concern? Slightly...