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IIPEE and The GameScraper - Yuhaney - 08-03-2014

Hello Friends, my name is IIPEE.

Months of silence from my part on these forums.
But, all the silence is due to one simple fact: I have recently worked hard on my project that has been in the works since 2007. Thousands of hours put mentally to think about the project on how I would execute it and hundreds of hours more into learning basics of media creation and all kinds of different software and hardware. Future improving those skills to intermediate level, refining visions and what I want to achieve on personal level as well as what I want to leave behind for future generations.

7 years. That is how long it took me to reach this day. The day when I decide finally to feel proud of myself for the first time in my miserable and pathetic little life. I have prepared, refined, improved and learned pretty much every single day for 7 years, but nothing has never been good enough for myself. Others have liked the early productions I released, but person coming from an alcoholic family where one's father has commit suicide far before you even get to know him, mother being crazy as one can be and heap bunch of other stuff I wish nobody else would have to go through, it's hard to say you are happy about yourself and having proper self-respect or even dignity.

As a person gone through all this, I can say that years of hard work, determination and trust in yourself that the day will come when you can be proud of yourself indeed do miracles.

But, what am I even talking about?
My webshow 'GameScraper'. It is dedicated to the one and only thing that has lasted and helped me through everything: video games. Some may say that "you haven't even succeeded in anything". That is a lie! This project isn't about others, it's about me. It's personal. The moment I feel good about what I create, I have succeeded. There are still lots of things that can be improved, but luckily I have finally found a top of the ice berg where my name is carved. I can finally forgive myself that I am not perfect and neither is my work. But most importantly, I am happy about myself, the work I do and I can finally enjoy life to the fullest.

One good thing about being me is simply that I will never get tired of information and knowledge. Luckily, I have many more years of learning and gathering ahead.

I have worked 7 hard years for this particular day. However, this is just The Beginning... New journey awaits me and I cannot be more happier to dive into the unknown!

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RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Wooderson - 08-03-2014

I never thought i'd see this day.

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Yuhaney - 08-03-2014

I know, right?

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Daktoa - 08-03-2014

I thought your icon was a dead dinosaur

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Yuhaney - 08-03-2014

I've also heard it looks like a helmet. Smile

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Romulator - 08-03-2014

Here's one I can recommend: Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection.

Trust me. It's enjoyable, well made, high quality, and while not old being released in 2004, it is still a great game to me.

Subbed and good luck on your projects Iipee!

P.S. The way you say Pokémon makes me smile :3

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Yuhaney - 08-03-2014

Thank you!

I played RTCW as a kid! It was scary for me back then.
It was one of the few games I was able to actually complete since my english wasn't that great and I usually got stuck in games sooner or later...

Old games are not a mandatory of what I will agree to play. As long as it's interesting game, it's OK.
I might actually revisit it at some point and refresh my memories of the game. Thanks for suggestion!

In case any of you wants to listen my theme song in it's full length, it's available on:

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - Yuhaney - 08-07-2014

First Season of IIPEE PLAYS:

RE: IIPEE and The GameScraper - victorkim890(KimmyChimmy) - 08-10-2014

the voice doesnt match with the facecam cause when u talk the voice is delayed