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RE: Furguson, Missouri - Kman - 08-17-2014

RE: Furguson, Missouri - Kman - 08-17-2014

this is gonna explain why im "bias towards the protesters" better than i'll ever be able to

RE: Furguson, Missouri - Wooderson - 08-17-2014

What a cool well spoken guy.

RE: Furguson, Missouri - Kman - 08-18-2014

perfect example of evil thug looters

[Image: tumblr_nahlt5wbY51r0jlbgo1_1280.jpg]

0:36 you can see the cashier clearly grasp money in his hand

yeah alright im done proving a point in this thread now the whole "he wasn't innocent so it wasnt ALL the cops fault" was the last leg siding with the police had to stand on

RE: Furguson, Missouri - MrWhitticus - 08-18-2014

Plus from the store that Michael Brown "robbed" to the place he was shot, the distance was over 3/4 of a mile, and he made it in 6 minutes

I do not know that many people who can walk that far in 6 minutes

RE: Furguson, Missouri - Nice - 08-19-2014

white pigs of the police oppresing black youth!

[Image: 5W97eZM.png]


RE: Furguson, Missouri - MrWhitticus - 08-19-2014

I have no idea what that photo's meant to represent for this argument so unless you can explain the context or a source I'm going to assume you're just being a generic "how dare you want your own freedom, the fact that you don't want to be oppressed oppresses me"

RE: Furguson, Missouri - Nice - 08-19-2014

live up to your username, use your wits and figure out what i meant

RE: Furguson, Missouri - Wooderson - 08-19-2014

He's reversing the roles of the races for comedic effect.

[Image: a12e2482701d6f2ee934ab1d6ed2fdf15b3252a7...cfc7f9.jpg]

RE: Furguson, Missouri - MrWhitticus - 08-19-2014

I'm just getting the feeling that he's saying that what the demonstration is about is invalid because "hey we white people are oppressed too so don't start complaining"