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Element4l - Froge - 08-17-2014

Has anyone played this game before?

It's a harshly difficult platforming game that teaches conservation of momentum. Really well.

[Image: bg-blue-1024x425.jpg]

RE: Element4l - eliasfrost - 08-17-2014

First result on Google:

RE: Element4l - Statyk - 08-17-2014

Looking at that picture and what you said, it reminds me of Puddle. That was a great game but induced rage a few times.

RE: Element4l - Froge - 08-17-2014

So you're an element. Turn into air to jump, but if you hit something solid while air, you die. Turn into ice to slide and earth if you want to stay still. Fire gives momentum, but like air, you die if you touch something.

Survive really long loop-slidey levels with caves, lava, water, and mountains.