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Just Great. lose my whole map. - Amnesiaplayer - 08-17-2014

I was working on my map.. cellar.. and i was busy for 4 hours!~!!
it was a Beautifull Map! everything was okay! and i saved the map more then 50 times -_- i click everytime on save if i place something lol...
and then i tested it everytime.. it was really good (there was scripting to!) and then i placed something (didn't saved) and my cousin accidently Turn off my pc ?
so i was restarting the pc... to finish my map... and my WHOLE map was gone... Cellar. map was but if i open the map file it is Clear ?! scripting file is always full... but my map is GONE ?! i worked 4 hours for nothing ?! do you got this problem to ?!
please tell me it is an bug and it can be fixed... i want that map back...

RE: Just Great. lose my whole map. - Kreekakon - 08-17-2014

Judging from your description of the problem, I'd say a likely thing that your map file was corrupted.

When you try loading a corrupted map file into the editor, the "map" will appear to be completely empty. Does this match what you are experiencing right now?

A further way to confirm it is to try and open up the .map file in notepad, or similar text editing tools to see what the map's map code looks like. Compare it to other maps which do not have problems. If the brackets in the corrupted map's code seem off then your map is corrupted for sure (I assume you know how to identify this as you say you have scripted before)

If you really wish to salvage what you can from the corrupted map I have an idea that may not be perfect, and might be more trouble than its worth (Also I have not tested this, it is a theory):

Open the map in a text editing tool like notepad, and take what code you can from it. Then compare it with other normal map codes, and try to fill in the missing code as best as you can. With luck this will cause the level editor to re-recognize parts of your map depending on how successful you are at reconstructing the code.

This is extremely unrecommended since many maps have thousands of lines of code, and it may be a better idea just to start the map again from scratch, or from whatever backup you may be lucky enough to have.

RE: Just Great. lose my whole map. - Radical Batz - 08-17-2014

I got this problem like 4 times bro, and are we twins or something lol cause everytime I place and item or anything I always press ctrl s to save, idk why!

But if you have the lvl editor on while your pc turns off without closing the lvl editor then yeah probably it's gone! Or another word "corrupted" just as Kreekakon said

Can I have a word with your cousin pls?

Just kiddin xp

RE: Just Great. lose my whole map. - CarnivorousJelly - 08-17-2014

Open the map file in Notepad++
Part of it will say "NULL" in black squares. Delete that part - and take look at another map to see what category names you need to include (eg: <entities> </entities>)

You'll lose some parts of your map, but it's potentially better than losing your entire map :)

Hope that helps!