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Frictiondising - freac - 03-30-2009

I don't know where to put this.
It's not a penumbra special but i can't post on frictional level but on non-frictional topics.

How much would i like to follow jens' pleas to support the developer. But what else can I do then purchasing games?

Have You ever thought about some frictional collectables? Well, a DEEP DUNGEON rotten fragrance wouldn't be my choice. But i'd think it pretty cCoolCooll to have that FRICTIONAL logo right across my chest. What about some T-Shirts or stickers?

Anybody else would wear that?

Hugs and kisses


RE: Frictiondising - Mikko - 03-31-2009

I don't know about T-shirts, but (if you didn't notice,) a special edition of the Penumbra soundtrack is coming up Q3 this year. That's a sort of collectors' item.

A bit more info about it in here and more details coming soon (we'll let you know)...

RE: Frictiondising - Kedjane - 04-01-2009

I'd actually be interested in a Frictional/Penumbra t-shirt. At least for summer.

Frictiondising :D - Sha - 04-02-2009

Well, no white shirt please, or it would be awkward, i am more thinking about a black shirt, with Phillip and it flash light, that background with the geant worm behind him. and on the back, wrote Penumbra "insert slogan here"

RE: Frictiondising - Thomas - 04-02-2009

There is a very limited number of Penumbra T-shirts actually, white with black print, that Paradox made for a PR event earlier this year.

Afraid we do not have any of those for sales (given that anybody is interested Tongue)

RE: Frictiondising - eliasfrost - 04-02-2009

lol? I wouldn't strut around with any kind of gaming T-shirt on me, that would just fell.. You know... Nerdy?

RE: Frictiondising - Yuhaney - 04-02-2009

Hah, nackidno! That made me laugh. Big Grin:

Also, if you REALLY want an Penumbra T-shirt, I have an 'great' idea for you! Make it yourself... There's lots of official pictures of the game, just take one of those and print it to some blank T-shirt and that's it.

RE: Frictiondising - Kedjane - 04-02-2009

(04-02-2009, 07:42 PM)nackidno Wrote: lol? I wouldn't strut around with any kind of gaming T-shirt on me, that would just fell.. You know... Nerdy?

Sure, it was... like ten years ago. If you're video game interested it's OK today, no different from wearing a Metallica t-shirt or whatever.

RE: Frictiondising - Yuhaney - 04-02-2009

Video games aren't always related to PC's.

If you're wearing World of Warcraft T-shirt, that would be nerdy. Big Grin:

RE: Frictiondising - eliasfrost - 04-03-2009

But still. I'm not a fan of [XXX]-T-shirts, I rather have blank clothing on me.. And that's exactly what I'm always wearing! Wink