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RE: Frictiondising - graykin - 04-06-2009

ooooo, I'll admit the soundtrack things has got my attention.

The T-Shirt thing? Not so much. I'm kinda thinking like Nackidno on that one. I mean, I AM a nerd but...I'm not THAT proud of it :-)

RE: Frictiondising - Tommy Gun - 04-07-2009

Hehe, Can you imagine a penumbra coffee mug?

RE: Frictiondising - graykin - 04-07-2009

Or Penumbra underwear?

Nothing says "I love you" like a thong with the Tuurngait printed all over it.

RE: Frictiondising - Tommy Gun - 04-08-2009

Ooooh, Penumbra Operating System. "You seek to find the search function but really you will find more answers than questions."

RE: Frictiondising - freac - 04-08-2009

Remark: You are Nerds. So what's wrong with the T-Shirt?Wink:

The other first person action adventure i had these days was an odyssee through the net world browsing for good games. Diggin through all the crap the discoveries and ugly surprises were much less pleasant than in those in BlackPlague.

So, i'd say Frictional deserves some very special kind of merchandise.

The mug is only good, if the coffee tastes and looks like sewage water anyway.

Some kind of Shirt might be nice just showing the infection point on the neck. (though i don't really know much about that yet)
I think the initial text "There are things i need of you. Things you may not understand ..." would be perfect for T-Shirt Print too. Keeps some kind of obscurity.

Then there are the tools: Torch, glowstick, saw, hammer, lighter, crowbar... things that come handy anyway. Nothing that will just get dusty on some shelves. Just make them look and smell like coming directly from the mine.

You could have the inside glowing artifact serving as a hard drive or housing a complete computer while giving your room the shivering dusk at night.

Finally I absolutely want a T-Shirt with Jens' face on it, or an autograph card, at least if he's still looking as cute as on the tiny avatar when the picture is enlarged.:redface:

RE: Frictiondising - graykin - 04-08-2009

My my, Jens, you're quite the charmer!Wink:

And just so Thomas doesn't feel left out, I think I'd like to get my hands on a thong with Thomas's face on it. Y'know, for my girlfriend and all that and TOTALLY not for me. TOTALLY.

Spoiler below!

This is a joke, so please don't think I'm this creepy stalker guy. On the same note, if you do decide to send me a thong, Thomas, I will not only be creeped out that you learned my address, but that you also decided to send me undergarments with your face printed on it. I know I'm irresistable, but please try to control yourself Big Grin:

RE: Frictiondising - spukrian - 05-03-2009

I´d totally buy and wear a Penumbra/Frictional t-shirt/sweater.

RE: Frictiondising - jo291 - 06-08-2009

how about PENUMBRA FIGURINES you know i would totally collect them all! one of phillip. one of a turngait. one of the gaint rock worm busting through a wall. one of those spiders. one of the wolves .and HEY mabye one of the hunter or those weird bat worm things from the tech demo! OR BOTH! see i LOVE collecting figurines the sculpture ones that you cant move around. so some penumbra figurines would be orgasmic for me! and some t shirts and some posters too. oh and do you guys have a place were i could donate? if so maybye you should add one to the site.

RE: Frictiondising - Sexbad - 06-08-2009

I would absolutely vouch for Tuurngait underwear. What would be awesome is if you were to put an image of the worm on the fly.

RE: Frictiondising - Shados - 06-09-2009

Penumbra deserves something less conventional than clothing or mugs. Possibly some collectibles that represent some of the puzzles in the game.