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Development duration - pcrk2 - 04-09-2009

Hi guys,
I have a question for Frictional: You stated here: that development on Unknown had begun in early 2009. You're also claiming that the game will be out in the second quarter of 2010.
Isn't a year and a half too little to make a game properly? You also don't have a very large team working on the game.
Thanks for your answer

RE: Development duration - Thomas - 04-09-2009

Preproduction began earlier, almost at the start of 2008 (with engine and such).

As for production time, it is quite longer than we had on any of the Penumbra games (no more than 9 months on either). We have also more people working on the game, so combined it is more time and man-power than what we are used to Smile

RE: Development duration - Klayman - 04-11-2009

They don't need to make a new engine. That means more time on content and other good stuff.