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RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Mudbill - 10-18-2014

Alright, I think I got it. What was stopping me was that I didn't think of replacing my local files because I thought it would just resync with the web. After replacing, the commit options appeared.

I added some documentation to the scripts. Also changed the Launcher.exe name from retail to Amnesia.exe when I was testing. Is this functional, and was it actually fine from before? This change might be unnecessary. Will it make a difference?

Launch4j was the name of the application I used for the .exe package. It worked pretty well.

RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Acies - 10-20-2014

Really liking the initiative from you guys! Best of luck!

RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Daemian - 10-28-2014


I did the shaders' thing. I'm uploading it all in a minute, when I'm done with some tests.

RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Daemian - 10-29-2014

mud: (or any other dev around):
Here it is the new version that supports custom shaders.

In-game screenshot using black&white effect
Spoiler below!
[Image: fy0qwy.jpg]

Loader's look. It shows whether a mod has custom shaders or not.
Spoiler below!

[Image: 2vb3e6v.jpg]

Below the .jar so you may test or whatever:[attachment=4816]

And this next zip contains the files: (in case you need any)

It works pretty much how many said it should work in this thread 'Black&White screen effect possible?'
Looks for custom shaders, copies to /core/shaders, renames originals, renames back.
Full code is too large and scattered to show it all here, but it's available at GitHub.

I couldn't find any problem, it's pretty decent. :>

RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Mudbill - 10-29-2014

Amazing work man Big Grin

I'm afraid I haven't been able to work much on this myself, so I'm really happy you're actually picking it up and showing interest in improving it ^^

I'll have to check it out once I get home from work!

Btw, is it supposed to look that long or did you make it resizable? My intention of making it a static square was to resemble the original launcher, but if need be, it can be resizable just fine. If so, though, it should probably extend the shaders/version info to the bottom and resize the text box along with the window. Also, for the background, perhaps we should make our own tileable texture?

RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Daemian - 10-29-2014

Oh yeap I had to change the height a little, it was cutting the buttons in half when I added the shaders' label. I forgot to tweak it, 583 to 800 seems too much.

        //this.setSize(700, 583);
        this.setSize(700, 800);

I put it now to 600, it looks good, almost as before.
this.setSize(700, 600)

RE: Modloader GitHub Repository - Mudbill - 10-29-2014

If you're using Eclipse (which I guess you are), you can install WindowBuilder Pro for it to more easily edit the design of the GUI. It takes some practise to understand and get the hang of, but it's very useful.